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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The plottings of a cat

I am guilty. Of putting words/thoughts into animals mouths/actions. I do it all the time. There are times when it just makes having the little critter funnier to be around. Sometimes it just makes sense. Of course that's what they were thinking/doing.

Case in point. (And my brother-in-law Adrian helped all the way from Australia).
Yesterday morning. Eating breakfast at the table. Cat is standing on the bench, paws on the window sill, head pushing aside the blinds.
Adrian said something to the effect of oh, she's plotting. Watching the birds out in the backyard. Planning on knocking you out as you leave the house, jumping over your body and setting out to catch a bird.
Got me thinking. I was just a bit later chatting with Bec. Now the cat was staring at the fireplace. As noted before, she's helped me find things in this house by staring, so I was worried that there was a bug or a bird in the chimney. Then I started, she's plotting once more. She's just waiting for me to open the doors to the fireplace where she plans to scootch past me, through the partially open mesh and climb up the chimney to freedom and birds.

As of right now, she's dreaming up new plots as she sleeps on the chair over there <--
Crazy critter. But I like her.

In other news- home this week! Looking forward to it, but maybe not all that I need to get done before I head out. Hope to greet you all with Easter greetings while at home. Hugs and love!

Feel free to share your animal plots with me!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This picture made me think of this post!

I think that's exactly what they see :)


6:07 p.m., June 10, 2011  

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