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Friday, February 24, 2006

Some things new, and some things interesting

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finally managed to get Alex and Kelly's stuff in the mail--Alex and Kelly, you'll have to figure out who gets what, though the wrapped bit was initially chosen for Alex. and I got to walk and walk and walk. Such fun! I really do enjoy a good walk. That happened a lot yesterday, and then I got to walk Nika today. She's the poochie that lives upstairs. A great, lap loving dog.

Yesterday I came across something that reminded me of a poem ( re-reminded me). You know how the Raven said "Never more"? Well around here, we have no Raven's (though if you're looking for them, just go to Timmins!) but we sure have lots and lots of crows. I heard one that sounded like it was saying "Oh well". (On two separate occasions, hence the re-reminded). I listened to it say it more than once. And Anusha heard it too!

Also yesterday, while doing a community health elective, I learned a bit of Swahili. I was also surrounded by it for a bit, but that doesn't mean I caught on to it! I was, however, able to tell that they were no longer speaking French! Go advanced french class, go! I learned how to say Thank you very much--and if you read it right/ pronounce it right, you'll be able to recognize it as being used in The Lion King. Asante sana. I thought that was neat!

I've been spending far too much time on msn lately. Sigh...some day I'll curb my use.

If you enjoy reading, check out: The Wednesday story, specifically. Please go back through the archives and find where it begins! It's better that way! I'm mostly positive this one is her very own. I really am enjoying it!

I think that's about it for now. Oh yeah, how bout we end this off with a picture of me from yesterday? The hair continues to grow!

Bye for now!


Blogger Jerrica said...

Your hair is surely growing. It's no longer peach fuz...hehe. I have never heard a crow say Oh well, guess I'll have to come to Ottawa to hear it myself. I wish I could learn more languages and kind of wish that I hept up with my french, but I do love espaƱol! It is by far my favourite language to learn other then english.
I am so proud of you that you shaved your head for cancer...some people may say that I have the guts to do it..but really, I don't think I could. It's awesome that you could do that. I must now go and write in me own blog. Ciao!


P.S. Smile always cause God Loves YOU!!

10:20 p.m., February 24, 2006  
Anonymous Bec said...

Go Edgar Allan Poe! You may have been the nuttiest of nutbars, but people still remember your stuff...

Beyond that, nice hair. It won't be long until you wish it was all gone again. So much easier.

4:11 p.m., February 25, 2006  

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