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Sunday, January 08, 2012


I've been cooking this weekend. This isn't particularly a new or different thing, but I've been making things without a recipe and they've been turning out tasty!

Yesterday I pulled a fish fillet out of the freezer and thought I should defrost before pan I did. And while it was defrosting I managed to chop up some mini potatoes, some onion and some mushrooms and threw them in a pan with some greek salad dressing...those roasted up nice! The fish, once thawed, cooked up sooooo nicely that I didn't put anything else on it! Just ate it up as it was!

Today I made a "home cooked" meal for my parents. I put a roast on, tossed in more potatoes, onions, carrots and later some mushrooms. It also turned out well. (Mom made the gravy). We added a salad and voila! MMMmmm. They brought over some wine, we followed the meal with some green tea and it was just lovely! Some of these foods are so easy to make, just need to be thought about a little sooner than "hmmm, I'm hungry. What can I pull together in 30min or less?". I enjoy making things more from scratch.

In the past I've rather enjoyed using my crock pot for soups...and have had some fun with them too!

I should keep up this cooking thing. It's not too difficult and, though I get tired of leftovers rather quickly, it doesn't hurt to have them! Too bad I have to plan ahead for some of these things.

Have you ever done the "big cooking" on the weekend so that you have easy meals the next week?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can freeze portion-sized amounts of leftovers and take them out when you are looking for something quick one day--that way you don't get bored of the same thing too quickly! Any good crock-pot suggestions sent my way would be great--I got a crock pot for Christmas from "Papa" and I'm enjoying it. I've only tried 2 things though. Hugs and love, Ev

12:48 p.m., January 11, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do big cooking on the weekends all the time. Well...maybe not all the time since my weekends always book up so quickly. But if I do have a weekend free - it's a big cooking weekend! And if not, I try to do a batch or two as time allows. Something I can stick in the freezer and pull out when my husband and I are tired during the work/school week.

11:13 a.m., January 20, 2012  

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