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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Traveling fun!

I had a very pleasant vacation recently, which left me with some fun on my drive home from the airport. Thanks to alex and kelly and family for having me over!!

Some things that stick with you, after hearing them many times over the span of about a week:

I got the "it-tups!" (thanks littleM, for that one!) while driving home, the juice from the apple I ate had something to do with it, I think!

Then I noticed a sign. An unusual one...add it to my collection of fun signs! It was unusual on its own, but then it was more, because I read it as LittleA might have. The sign said "Opened" for business or something like that....and I read Open-ed-ed. She's a mighty good reader, that LittleA, but she's still learning some of the rules of English!

I enjoyed spending time in Manitoba, enjoyed the cuddles, the chats, the outings, the kitchen fun, celebrating birthdays and other minor holidays. I look forward to going back.

It's fun how people and things they do stick with you. HUGS!


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