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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

On wasting time

Wasting time. Yes. I think I'm proficient at that hobby. Wait, now, I don't do it all the time. Just some times. Especially when I ought to be doing something, usually something to do with tasks around the house.

Evening time is my best time to waste. I kick up my feet, log onto something (either online or other visual), or pick up a book and time passes. This doesn't always work. Time is harder to waste when you've got a bunch to waste. (Travel to visit family, for instance!- Especially those long treks). Waiting in airports. That long wait for lunch when you're at a conference and you don't have a meeting from noon til one and food won't be ready til then. (Although, that can be a fun time to go wander the hotel looking for answers to mysteries!)

Wasting time...I think that was part of why I started this blog. I did intend it to be a way to keep in contact with family, friends and others as I roamed about different areas, seeing new and different things, but then life got a bit busier, or I found other ways to waste time. (So far I've held back, and am not tweeting, linked-intoanything, or much of a follower, but I do waste time with FB)

Sharing photos- yes, that was a big thing I wanted to do. As such, and because it's been over 6 months, I'll share a few. Then it's time to go waste time/wind down elsewhere.

 Lucky bay!

Some family of mine - Feb 2014
Jump for the bird J!


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