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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little things

It's the little things.

Recently I've been fighting off the edges of a long lingering bug. Nothing that was keeping me down, or from doing the day to day stuff, but it was keeping me feeling a little numb, if you know what I mean. Always tired. (I think that's partially it being January and a bit blah out doors!). However, this week I've been feeling better and the little things I've been seeing and enjoying are putting great big smiles upon my face. The sort that should rub off on someone else, should they witness them. At the moment I can only recall two of the things, the little things, that made me grin like mad!

First- it's not that crazy- you'll probably have witnessed it yourself one day, but I couldn't help but be struck by this: Coming to an intersection I notice a courier style van, lets call it DOWNS, approaching the intersection from the opposite direction, I see the driver make a funny face, maybe a scowl/ the direction of another courier style van, lets call it UNFED-Y....which was just turning Right, onto the street in front of me. I think it was just the juxtaposition...the drivers may in real life be friends, but the "rivalry" which I imagined at that time put a big grin on my face. It held out down the street, but was likely gone before anyone really got to feel the power of it. (That is, unless the other drivers caught it!)

The second incident likely won't take as much description.

A leaf, blowing across a bare, dry road (yes, January, mid winter, it's acting more like fall!). Not in and of itself very grin worthy, but my first impression of it was that of a tiny mouse, running across the road, in more of a cartoon fashion- up on its hind legs- than it would really run. It just looked cute. Yup. A cute leaf. And that thought (mostly that I was finding a leaf cute) made me grin! :)

There was more, but I cannot remember them at present...maybe later!

Have you got a story that recently made you grin? Please share!


Blogger Rebecca said...

I have plenty of funny things to relate - but I'm hoping to post them on my blog at somepoint, so you'll have to wait!

11:27 p.m., January 16, 2013  

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