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Thursday, November 30, 2006

7 minutes & counting

Or less

I'm almost back at "work". Lunch seems to be long-ish, but that doesn't mean I get enough done over my lunch break!

I'm enjoying the rain here in Chatham. Have bumped into a classmate while here.

Keep my cousin JH in your prayers- he broke his collarbone/arm.

Happy Birthday to Andy- (back in Ottawa) have a great day!

Gotta run!


Anonymous Bec said...

Hitting persons with cars is not a nice thing to do. A classmate is still a person. Be nicer next time.

Grade school, high shool, uni, grad?

5:31 PM, November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Aunt Nancy said...

Thanks for the prayer request. JH is feeling much better today. He's even teasing (bugging/terrorizing) his sister. Back to school Monday or else!!!! Enjoy the's turning to snow here.

8:00 PM, November 30, 2006  
Anonymous alex said...

Pauvre JH!

9:27 AM, December 01, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...

bec-- I didn't actually hit this person-- he's a classmate of mine from u of O. I had no idea he'd be here, but that's kinda the way this year seems to be going.

aunt nancy the snow is falling from the sky here too...though not in very large quantities yet!

alex I'm with ya! Here's hoping his first day back at school went well!

1:56 PM, December 04, 2006  

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