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Saturday, November 04, 2006

An at home weekend

Looks like I'm here (Ottawa) for the weekend. It's not a bad thing, either! I'm getting the chance to slow down, relax, read from some of the books I got for my birthday--you know the good stuff! (It's one of my homes- at home-home mom and dad are away today anyway- so that wouldn't have been the best destination!!)

If I had disappeared this weekend, where would I have gone? To an East District Lutheran Young Adults (EDLYA) retreat. I had looked into it, but I'm a bit of a chicken with snow driving and my first winter with Atreyu. (Plus, it looks like Monday will be a LONG day- so I'm glad I get to start off after a slower weekend!!)

Today I've also been trying to clean up one of my email boxes. Wow! I keep far too much! Often because I forget it's there, but also because I get bogged down and then don't look back. One email I found that was fun contained a recipe. It looks like a good one, one I'd like to try at some point soon. Any guesses as to what it might be?

I also found a cute forward about our national hide-and-seek team. Let me know if you're interested-- I'll send it on to you! (email addy required if I don't have it! ie chickadeenaomi at google dot com)

It's time to head to sleep, or rather, to get my bed made up so I can sleep in it! (I was somewhat productive today with laundry etc!) Talk to you later!!!


Anonymous Tim Kuehn said...

I drove from Kitchener, down the 401, to an EDLYA retreat in Ottawa in the middle of a blizzard once apon a time.

Was that ever an experience....

11:02 p.m., November 05, 2006  
Anonymous alex said...

Oh yeah? I did that too. I was even driving someone else's car as I recall. Did a 360 on Hwy 16 entering Ottawa.

5:59 p.m., November 06, 2006  
Anonymous tim kuehn said...

As I recall, I passed someone else on their way to the retreat that'd plowed into a snow bank. I didn't find out that was the case until they got to the church and told their story.

That was one time when going above 80 KMH felt like it was taking your life into your hands.

Naomi - see what fun you're missing? :)

10:26 a.m., November 07, 2006  
Blogger Effie said...

Thanks for calling last night darlin'! The movie was good, and if you're ever feeling like brushing up on your history and playing "hmm, what OTHER movie was he in" then I suggest watching "Helen of Troy", good, long, sad, dramatic and well played. You might recognize someone from The 10th Kingdom and someone from Battlestar Galactica (if you watch that show) and a couple others too...

11:27 a.m., November 08, 2006  

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