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Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Tis a long time...


I've been holding back on you people (all of the faithful who check my blog every second that they can to see what I might be up to!). So, sorry!

Life is busy. School now includes mostly "on-the-job" training, with some lectures on the side. Today I was at "work" from 7-4, then drove through rain and crazy O-town traffic to get to class at 5. This means I didn't get to go to the improv night I had been hoping to attend (two guys from Whose line is it anyway) with active audience participation, but I'll live.

I got this crazy sign up thingy for a gym near here. I have an appointment tomorrow to check it out, but I'm feeling shy towards it. I'd almost prefer just canceling it altogether (had to change the timing due to "work"), but I know I should be exercising. I've been doing the stairs at "work" lately- see elevator scare-last post, no, not realy! And although they are hard, I'm finding it rewarding. Thing is, I don't know if I really like the group exercise program and I don't know how motivated I'll be to drive out to a gym at the end of a long workday. I know I should be doing more, but I'm on my feet a lot and when I get home I often just want to close my tired eyes.

One thing I do find I enjoy (but not after dark or in the rain) is walking the poochie. She's excited to go, so that makes it worthwhile.

Any thoughts on how I can motivate me to do more in an exercise-type way? What do you find works for you?

Bed is calling soon, so I best get ready for classes tomorrow!


Blogger Effie said...

Walking is good exercise and cheaper than a gym membership that often goes to waste...doesn't U of Ottawa have a gym and pool? Couldn't you utilize their facilities on occasion?

I say, continue with the stairs and the pooch! And take the pooch more often on further walks!

11:18 a.m., October 02, 2006  
Anonymous tim kuehn said...

To get into a good exercise program, it needs to be easy, convenient, and habit-forming.

If a gym's not close enough, then consider some personal exercise work you could do. Since most exercises are relatively repetitive and 'boring', add some music or other media to take the tedium away, or give you a rhthym to follow.

For instance, if you get an mp3 player of some kind, and some audio-books or music - that would be a good start. From there, you can create a music or book-reading program that matches whatever exercise routine works for you.

Since you're tuckered out by the end of the day, consider doing the exercise before the start of your work day. I've found that can get your energy level higher during the work day and makes the physical exertion easier.


I had to chuckle at your elevator experience - I'm in the middle of a round-trip on a motorcycle from Kitchener to Ft Myers FL. At one stop in Hagerstown MD I stepped in the elevator, pressed a button, and waited. The doors opened, a couple of other people got in, and it turned out the elevator hadn't moved, and I was too wiped out to notice.

1:53 p.m., October 02, 2006  

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