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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fun at the movies

This long weekend has been a weekend full of movies, and it's not over yet!

Yesterday a bunch of movies were rented and we enjoyed a Canadian made (with recognizable scenary) movie last night. Today, after church, Terra and I went to the movies. The fun parts of the day:

The line was long...long weekend, kids anxious to go back to school??, rain all add up to many people at the movies.

We inched our way to the front, and then surged our way, as people fell out of line, as an word got out that Cars was sold out.

The closer we got, the easier it was to read the sign indicating the cost of the movie--$3. (Gotta love matinee price, in one of the not so new-release-movie showing theatres!)

Food--cost more than admission (that's to be expected, I gather!)

(We saw Superman Returns--great movie!)

The last exciting/fun bit: at one point in the movie an alarm started to go off. The timing was perfect, so we thought it was IN the movie. When the movie stopped and the alarm continued, we found out that wasn't so. We were asked to remain seated, that it was a false alarm and as soon as it was off the movie would recommense. It rang for around 10min. It was annoying. It was louder if you went out to use the break for more snacks or a bathroom run. It brought memories of elementary school fire drills (or for Terra, residence drills/alarms at 3am). It wasn't the most fun, but it silenced finally and we were back to the movie.

Ah, yes...there was more fun with movies today: lots of movies on tv this weekend. I saw bits and pieces of My Best Friend's Wedding and Beethoven and then caught an ad for Ella Enchanted...such a fun movie, and an even better book. (Yup...I enjoy children's literature and movies, they are sometimes even preferred by me!) So we watched that this evening.

I need to get away from the movies for a bit...hehe...that's why I'm heading off to sleep, with my copy of LOTR as a bedtime story. (Again- book is better than the movie, but when ISN'T that true?)


Blogger Naomi said...

We'll have to add Pirates of the Caribean to the list of movies watched this weekend. Thanks Terra for lending it! (It's been a while since I watched the Black Pearl)--Did you know, I spotted a restaurant in NS last summer with the name the Black Pearl...near Oak Island...

4:38 p.m., September 04, 2006  
Blogger Effie said...

Fun fun fun!

I like Ella Enchanted, and pretty much anything so far with Anne Hathaway in it....

3:43 p.m., September 06, 2006  

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