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Friday, July 28, 2006

Big trucks and Construction

Today has been an exciting day to be on the road. (In or out of a car!) And the day is not very old yet!! Here's hoping that my trip to Stayner goes a bit better this afternoon.

WARNING! LONG WINDED STORY AHEAD (I'll add colour to make it more interesting!)

First, there's construction here. Lots of it. There are two ways to get to Thornbury from our place (or rather two DIRECT ways) and both the highway, and the main street way are bunged up with construction. We were warned, before heading out to run a few errands this morning, about the new mainstreet stuff, so we went via the highway. Not so bad really. A big truck let me turn left instead of waiting forever (as they were not directing the traffic coming from my direction very well). Thank you to that big truck driver, so far, he's the only one I like for the day.

Next truck I came across...we dropped mom off to grab some groceries while I drove Bec down the road, and couldn't just swing the car around because a delivery truck was blocking that way. So, I drove around the parking lot...only to be stopped by him again! Don't worry, I'm not an impatient driver, so I waited 'til I could sneak past him, and I was off.

Then I dropped Bec off, and as there was no parking there, where I was to wait, I made my own little parking spot across the road, turned off the car and sat, reading until she should return.

Not long after I settled in, I noticed someone leave the building, not Bec, to use their cell phone. I'm not sure what he thought I was doing, but he didn't appear to be too happy with me sitting there. (He looked as though he was suscpicious of me for something....). I continued to read. Good book, so far, the Whitney chronicles.

Bec finally returned, and as I saw her coming toward me, I thought I'd get the car on and ready to go....well, first attempt failed! I certainly would not be a good getaway car driver!!

She got settled in, and then along came the next truck of the day. This truck was dropping off stuff here, and decided to park in front of me, and then beep beep back up into me!! Good thing I was ready to go, as I quickly reversed too!! Then, he got out of the truck and crossed the road, and I left!!

Back to pick up Mom. Parked, no problem, left Bec in the car with windows wide open, and hopped out. I was just about to step out from the parking spot to cross the lot when along comes another BIG truck, blocking my way to the store. I waited, again. Then I was good to go! Found Mom, just as she was leaving the store, helped with the groceries and were on our way again.

I think there's only one more big truck left for this tale! Whew!

So, we decided to try to bi-pass the mainstreet construction, by driving in behind the library. It almost worked. The construction was taking up the entire section that they had warned us about (without doing much) for a few weeks now, and a BIG truck was slowly moving near the intersection that I came out at. There was no traffic there, except this BIG truck, and the construction worked told me I could go. Whew!

Now, I got home safely, helped bring the groceries in, and grabbed the mail keys. One more adventure to relate! (Construction related, not a big truck!)

I said there were two main ways, well, there are other, putter around-get Jerrica lost ways too. I tried one of these. Thought I was over far enough to come out at the library. I was wrong. Ended up touring the cemetary. (Tracey, aren't you proud?!) No matter, just a bit of a waste of time. Got to a road that brought me back to the main road, guess where? Yup! Still in construction zone! (The roads angle all over the place back there, and I haven't been driving in and around town enough to remember where exactly they come out!)

SO! I thought to myself. Ok, this isn't SOOOO bad. I can cross this bit of construction and do the between the churches and behind the library road again. Well, as it turns out, I've got great timing. I managed to get to the intersection just as the one road-smoother was going by. He tried to help me, by finding out which way I was going (pointing left and right for me) I pointed straight ahead and received a "go-ahead" signal and was finally on my way.

I'm soooo glad that I know where the issues are now, I can find my way home easily now!

iAnyone want to count the # of Whew!'s I used today?

Gotta go...errands to run online!


Blogger Effie said...

You italicized the letter 'i', I'm proud of you! ;)

CONSTRUCTION AHEAD! Big trucks are fun, aren't they?! :P

12:04 p.m., July 28, 2006  
Anonymous trace said...

... I am proud of you for touring the cemetary, even though I haven't checked out the ones in my neighbourhood (other than window views) lately... they don't like people walking in cemetaries around twilight!

Anyway, I've had construction fun myself... my street is in the resurfacing process and it's been kinda fun/interesting getting across the street to catch the bus some days!

Glad you're enjoying the Whitney Chronicles.

5:48 p.m., July 28, 2006  
Blogger Effie said...

Oh, Nao, please go visit my friend over at uhohnowlook dot blogspot dot com--read back a few posts...she's a sweetie who needs our prayers--she's going through a really rough time with lack of diagnosis............

Hugs to you!

3:38 p.m., July 31, 2006  
Anonymous Alex said...

Hah! I would never get lost in Thornbury! (Used to walk down all the side streets with Princess.)

9:20 a.m., August 01, 2006  

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