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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Moving in...

Never as fun as it should be, is it?

I'm in the process of unpacking and making my room habitable...but somehow, and I'm not fully sure of the how, I keep finding things to occupy my time. Oh, wait! I know what that's called!

PROCRASTINATION! (School brain is slowly turning back on!)

So- this is what my room looks like: An open door, showing empty suitcases and garment bag waiting to be stowed away (beside a lovely towel rack); next: a desk, already full of clutter, that's just waiting to find a permanent home; beyond that: a half-unpacked box, really no reason to unpack it yet (CDs and DVDs)! The bookshelf just beyond it is going to be freed of its empty boxes and pieces of equipment and exchanged for the big one that's currently hiding in the basement.
To the left of this: a clothes tree- with one sweater waiting to be grabbed for a cool evening stroll, a bright window- with raspberry coloured curtains, and in front of this, low, at floor level, is the mass of unpacked stuff. Boxes full of textbooks, photos and recipe books, and the odds and ends box.

I've made an attempt at each and every box in here, but it just doesn't seem to work.

Oh yeah, the rest of the room-- beyond that clutter is the nice tall dresser, beside that is the nice double bed with a bedside table/lamp and then the lovely large closet--doors closed and things nicely organized within!

I could blame the lack of interest on the fact I just boxed and moved most of the stuff yesterday, drove 6 1/2 hours and got here around 8:30pm, and then moved it all in and up.

Mind you, I'm upstairs this year, I can have a puppy join me (rather, watch me) unpack and really, just enjoy myself. (NO CARPET!!) I like hardwood floors.

Now...I've been tagged with something, and I should do the THINGER that is going around....but that's stuff for me to do later. (Look at me, procrastinating while procrastinating!)

I'm off to a BBQ tonight. Get to see some of my classmates, relax a bit...ya know!

More to come soon. (I'm sure to be procrastinating again soon!!)


Anonymous trace said...

... one of the unjoys of moving is the packing and unpacking... I'm very good at procrastinating when it comes to packing! Glad you've made it safely to the Nation's capital. Hope that you have a marvelous time at the bbq.

2:57 p.m., August 12, 2006  

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