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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back at it!

So...if you haven't done so already...say hi here. (I really would like to see if I can reach record levels of responses...and I promise, that time allowing, I'll respond to each and every one of you!)

Today was my 4th day back at school. All of you are out there, still enjoying summer, thinking that I'm one poor sot (thanks Alex for that word!) stuck indoors. Well...with my free time, after class yesterday, I gave Atreyu his first bath. I washed behind his mirrors, and scrubbed away at some of the Manitoba encrusted know, fun stuff!

I'm scared...that's not a way to really enjoy summer! I mean, I did cool down because I was using a hose and I got wet, but there were no waterfights involved, and I was on my own... *shocked* I'm being adult-ish.

Sounds like I'm not the only one. People going off and getting married, settling down, being done school...sigh.

BUT! I'm really enjoying what I'm doing (once I squash the nerve-bugs that infest me daily with certain things that pop up in my life)...for instance- I drove around Ottawa yesterday, was on the road for more than 20 minutes without once consulting a map or directions! I'm so proud of me. (But again, that sounds adult-ish). Hmm...I guess it all had to happen sooner or later!

I'm settling in. My room is still a mess...I picked up the rest of my things from a classmate...Hi Chantal! and got to visit with her slightly more calm kitty Lily...she was very sweet with me!

I've made some arrangements to be out and about in other parts of the province this year. Here's hoping I get to arrange all that I want to do! (And have no issues while arranging finishing touches on the ones already set!)

Hugs! Please all...send out your prayers for a blogger friend of Effie and mine Susie.


Anonymous trace said...

... ah, settling into adult-land. It's built up as such a big deal, and, well, it is. You spend a lot of time there. It's not all serious and responsible, though. There may be moments of stress, sorrow and angst, but there's times of great joy, successes and celebration...

Hoping you'll make it closer to this corner of the province in your studies and travels!

4:01 p.m., August 19, 2006  
Blogger Effie said...

well--what's up, girl??!!

11:57 a.m., August 24, 2006  

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