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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ah- the joys of traveling!

This morning I write, from my cousin's house. From their laptop. And have a dog to play with. I've never tried typing while playing fetch before--it can be interesting!!

I made it safely back to Ontario. I don't know if my body is terribly happy with being up this early in the morning--thanks Bec, for all that sleeping in!-- but it will just have to deal with it. I don't think this dog would act as a very good alarm for me if I were to close my eyes right now....

First flight was short- but had too much turbulence, made me nauseous, and worried about the second flight of the day- it was ok though!

I think I was on the flight with the most children on it, ever! (tosses the rope-bone) There were at least 4 babies (ie under the age of 1) and 3 or 4 in the toddler age group and a few a little older too. I didn't mind. The crying wasn't bad, (I didn't have a headache to be aggravated by it) and the cutest and best behaved was sitting in the seats ahead of us- all this baby did was occassionally stand holding the head rest and smile at us!

Thank you again, Bec, for the wonderful time you spent with me in Edmonton. I'll miss not being able to pester you, or contact you in the evening! Hehe!

I'm going to get going- I'm off to see Effie again, and her cute little Katrina too! Then I'm off home-- home?! is that possible?! was that included in my travel-plans? I suppose it must have been.

Thanks to everyone who loaned me a spot to sleep and your time and company! I had a great trip!


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