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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A traveling vacation

Some of my classmates are off to exotic, I'm stopping off in great places like: Varney, Chatham, London, Hamilton, and Edmonton...with a possible stop off in Manitoba, if I can swing it. Traveling in and around Canada can be fun. It's not a very spring-flower-full trip thus far, more snow seen than flowers....but I wasn't planning it to see flowers, but to see family and friends.

I was playing in a soon-to-be-moved-into house today. It's made a lot of progress from how it started (I saw pictures), but there's lots of work left to be done. Aren't I lucky to be able to help with the packing and the moving?? Such fun!!

Last night I got to play on a Wii-- never done that before- it was fun and funny. I got to bowl in the livingroom. The boxing I wasn't the greatest at--maybe I should have warned my friends who are moving this weekend...heehee!

I found a cd of a favourite LP from my childhood-- the Last Unicorn by the Irish Rovers-- ah, such a fun album!! I'm glad not everything was packed up yet!

I was relaxing this last little while, watching favourite childhood movies too, and this week watched Pete's Dragon and Ella Enchanted- last week I also watched Cinderella. Good thing I'm not growing up or anything! There are some things (especially musicals) that I will always love!

Katrina could dance, Katrina could sing, Katrina could do most anything....I may have to get my little Katrina some shoes of wood-- though the whole song doesn't ring true--I'm not saying anything that might be taken the wrong way, effie, but I've always loved that song!

I think I must be dancing on my way- there are many other things waiting to come off the walls and into boxes here in this room. (I don't plan on DANCING them off the wall though).

Let me know what you've been up to--it's been a while!!


Anonymous trace said...

... office must still be in packing process...

... enjoy your travels.

6:54 p.m., April 19, 2007  
Blogger Effie said...

I forgot that song... thanks!

Oh and i'm still about 5'3-ish! teehee

7:50 a.m., April 20, 2007  
Blogger Naomi said...

AH--you're so funny effie! You're as tall as ever! The song- I'll get working on finding the words or a copy of it for you!

Hey tracey, there was a lot still in process- wasn't there! I'm glad we got to work together!

I'm in Edmonton now- such fun!

11:04 a.m., April 24, 2007  

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