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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some pictures from August

And a bit of a description to go with them!

I know. I spent so much time with the long weekend at the beginning of August, you thought I'd never get around to my puttering around in Miramichi or my trip to Ontario. Well. Here it is! At least the first part. I didn't get through all of the photos yet (Anna- some of you in the next set!).

Ok! Well. I visited the river here, The Miramichi river. It's quite pretty. There are some fun, rickety stairs you can take down to the shore not far from here.

Then just up the road is the French Fort Cove. It's quite pretty. I had an enjoyable time hiking around the cove. I hope to do it again before I leave here.

Then some not so great photos of where I'm staying while I'm here. It's not a bad set up! (I don't use the second bedroom/bath).

I traveled home in August. Had some fun with Effie's girls, stayed at Tracey's and visited Kevin in London, visited Kirk, Pol and girls in Chatham, then traveled to Windsor to have fun at Shar's place. No, I cannot post all of those photos here. Shar would hunt me down.

I got together with the girls and we picked up dresses. You guys will see those soon enough. Minimal photos of that section of the trip.

On the day the Tornados traveled near Toronto, Durham and home, I was on the road too. I was close to some of the storm, though I didn't see it first hand. I got some fun pictures of clouds, but they'll wait for another day. I went to Toronto to visit with Anusha and Anh. I miss you girls!!

I think that's all this one's gonna be about tonight. I have to pack and get ready for the seminars I have to go to in Digby for the last few days of the week.

Also- a belated shout out to all those with birthday's this month: Uncle Steve, Phil, Shar, little R, and everyone else I'm forgetting- oops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super blog Naomi!
Happy Birthday to you!

7:54 p.m., September 23, 2009  
Blogger Effie said...

Nao--you forgot someone who's birthday is tomorrow--mind you, he doesn't check out many blogs! ;)

Cute kiddie pics--and nice pic of you and Ruth--and I love your lavender top--and those sure are some rickety stairs.

Oh--the word "rickety" has just triggered the recital of a poem, from 4Square:

The rickety ship
The rickety ship
It's freaky and squeaky
for most of the trip
It's leaky and creaky
and given to drip
Everyone off the rickety ship.

Thank you, thank you. There will be another show in half an hour.

4:12 p.m., September 25, 2009  
Blogger Naomi said...

I'm sorry!

Happy Bday to you Mr Effie! I'm really sorry I missed your day. I was driving like a crazy woman. (And I'm not kidding!)

Well done on the recital, dear. It was pretty.

Thanks for the not-so-anonymous wishes!!

9:23 a.m., October 02, 2009  

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