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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

*Peeks out to see* WOW! You actually came back!


So good to see you! I suppose you're wondering why it has taken me so long to blog again. I have my reasons. Some good, some bad. Not sure if I'm going to share them now, we'll have to see.

I'm planning a trip. Don't know if I mentioned that before. It's going to be a LONG one. I figured out the number of hours on planes---not really looking forward to THAT part.

I'm not sure you'll get what you're looking for if you're after photos today. I seem to be posting a lot of photos lately...which might make my page slow to load...which might make it less likely for you to this one will be picture-less.

For now.
It's a friend of mine's b-day today. Happy b-day Mr Snevi!

I've been out to the movies this weekend. You'll never guess what I went to see. I must say- they had to chop out a tonne of the book to make that movie- and I'm not sure I'm happy with all of the editing. Ah, well. What can you do.

I discovered something this evening. A beverage sort of thing. I probably SHOULDN'T ever have it again...but stranger things have happened.

Wow. I seem to have become vague. Really vague. I don't give details about anything anymore. I suppose I am cautious about my life being an open book to people around cyber-sphere.
I guess this means, I'd prefer you emailed or called me about more details. You know the drill.
(I think I have a drill that I keep in my trunk)...nope, wait, that's not a drill.

I'm being randomly- odd tonight. Forgive me, or enjoy or what-have-you! (Can that be a single word? I've heard it used as such)

Hooray to bec for getting a place. I wish I could help you move! That would be 3 this year if I did!

Adios amigos! (and the feminine form of that!)


Blogger Effie said...

why would you keep a drill in your trunk??

we're here with bells on!

hugs and love Auntie Na-mo-mio!

12:54 p.m., July 18, 2007  
Anonymous 3cK said...

... I can understand the desire to occasionally vague, as I found out that PEJ was following me around the interweb the other day...

Guess I may have to call if I want to find out about your beverage. Did it involve your creative beverage skills?

5:57 p.m., July 18, 2007  
Anonymous 3ck said...

apologies to my friend PEJ, who being my friend, checks out a lot of the same websites as me, but it just happened to be shortly after me. Not following, just a timing and similar interests thing.

4:54 p.m., July 27, 2007  

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