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Saturday, July 21, 2007

A scream....a Sob

And guess what we saw????

This guy- moving a little too slowly to be healthy.
True- Fiona says he's still not moving too quickly...he's wrapped up and in the garage garbage.

Dead as a doorknob.

Killed by a shoe. It's true. I was there. Never seen that before. I was helpful. In a way. I held the dog away from the mess/clean up. That's useful.

On a REALLY less goofie note. A classmate of mine died recently. I'm not sure that this is the right time/place/way to blog about it. But I've been talking it over with a bunch of people. I'm sad. And will miss him. (In fact, it shows me how much I'm missing my classmates...we're everywhere this year). He may remain Astro-boy in my head...dunno. (What a clever hallowe'en costume that was).

School gets me overtired sometimes- case in point. I came home at 9am last Sunday. I had in my head just exactly what I would grab from my closet as I ran out the door for church. Except when I got to the closet- I couldn't find it. I went through it a few go. Changed my plans, threw on the skirt I DID find, and was off. Then, a day or two later. Fully rested. Feeling myself again. There it was. Second item from the front of the side of the closet I had searched. HIGH and LOW (It's a long skirt, I figured I'd see it!). Wow. Did that ever rub in just how tired I am sometimes.

My mom is amazing. Though it wasn't her with the shoe today-( I could see her doing it- and this was a mom, so, GO MOMS GO!)- she talked with me last night, and comforted me and gave me some great advice.

I've been doing a lot of talking to people. Opening up in ways I don't normally. Sorry guys. Mom told me to flip through psalms and the hymn book...and this is the song that I sang, which helped me a lot last night. I hope you enjoy it too. Some verses more than others, some which made me think of specific issues that are running round my head. I almost changed hymns after the 2nd or 3rd verse...didn't think it was helping, but it did...And sometimes I had to catch a sob between lines/verses...but thanks again mom. I love you!

Dear Christians, One and All, RejoiceLSB 556

Dear Christians, one and all rejoice,
With exultation springing,
And with united heart and voice
And holy rapture singing,
Proclaim the wonders God has done,
How His right arm the vict'ry won.
What price our ransom cost Him!

Fast bound in Satan's chains I lay;
Death brooded darkly o'er me.
Sin was my torment night and day;
In sin my mother bore me.
But daily deeper still I fell;
My life became a living hell,
So firmly sin possessed me.

My own good works all came to naught,
No grace or merit gaining;
Free will against God's judgment fought,
Dead to all good remaining.
My fears increased till sheer despair
Left only death to be my share;
The pangs of hell I suffered.

But God had seen my wretched state
Before the world's foundation,
And mindful of His mercies great,
He planned for my salvation.
He turned to me a father's heart;
He did not choose the easy part
But gave His dearest treasure.

God said to His belov-ed Son;
"It's time to have compassion.
Then go, bright jewel of My crown,
And bring to all salvation.
From sin and sorrow set them free
Slay bitter death for them that they
May live with You forever."

The Son obeyed His Father's will,
Was born of virgin mother;
And God's good pleasure to fulfill,
He came to be my brother.
His royal pow'r disguised He bore;
A servant's form, like mine, He wore
To lead the devil captive.

To me He said: "Stay close to Me,
I am your rock and castle,
Your ransom I Myself will be;
For you I strive and wrestle.
For I am yours, and you are Mine,
And where I am you may remain;
The foe shall not divide us.

"Though he will shed My precious blood,
Me of My life bereaving,
All this I suffer for your good;
Be steadfast and believing.
Life will from death the vict'ry win;
My innocence shall bear your sin,
And you are blest forever.

"Now to My Father I depart,
From earth to heav'n ascending,
And, heavn'ly wisdom to impart,
The Holy Spirit sending;
In trouble He will comfort you
And teach you always to be true
And into truth shall guide you.

"What I on earth have done and taught
Guide all your life and teaching;
So shall the kingdom's work be wrought
And honored in your preaching.
But watch lest foes with base alloy
The heav'nly treasure should destroy;
This final word I leave you."


Anonymous 3cK said...

... glad that you were able to get rid of the unwanted visitor, or, rather, a MOM was!

Sometimes the world does seem to spin in unexpected and unexplained directions. It's truly amazing who is still there to comfort, support, encourage and to return us back to the best comfort, support and encouragement we could ever have, even when it just doesn't make sense. Take care. God bless and hold you!

2:54 p.m., July 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vineland Kuhl's:
My little folks saw a muskrat, snake with its head cut off (thank you Uncle Bill and the hay mower) and a fast mouse on Saturday. They were quite enthralled...this mom thought it was ok.
Our hearts are heavy for you in sympathy and pray you find wind beneath your wings. Those footprints in the sand will carry and comfort you.

9:20 p.m., July 23, 2007  
Blogger Naomi said...

That weekend was bad for mice. Sunday, one died in the garage, then later in the day the dog managed to stun one, so he kicked the can too.

Hey Vineland's
glad your boys like the cool/gross stuff out there.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...your comment (VK) brought a beautiful choir anthem to I've been singing that one to myself lately.
Thanks for the hugs tracey, here's hoping I get some for real this weekend!

A few more details- this weekend is the funeral. He actually went missing about a week before they found his body. Flags are still flying at half mast at the school.

6:22 p.m., July 26, 2007  

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