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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally-- SNOW!

Yes, it has happened. Somehow, snow has not descended upon me or my new town until today. I was pleased, yes pleased, when the forecast started to include snow for Tuesday (yesterday). I was hopefully watching out the window off and on yesterday- but there was nothing. This morning when I woke up it was here! They were chatting about snow on the radio show that wakes me up in the morning. I had set it early enough to be able to get my car cleared off and head to work on time too, hopeful that the forecast WOULD come true.

I got ready, not really seeing much of the snow (it was still dark outside). Then the surprise when I saw my car- only a small, slushie-like collection at the edges of my windshields. There were big fluffy flakes dancing down from the sky, so I was happy. The snow was easily cleared from the car (much quicker than the frost has been off and on for the past month) and I was early to work.

The snow was not a pleasant snow, however. It came with a biting, raw wind. The lovely fluffy flakes became icy stinging projectiles as I made my way in from the parking lot, and they continued in that manner all day. At first the ground wasn't cold enough so it all melted, but by the end of the day things had cooled down substantially and there was a nice layer of snow (read ice/snow as it was the fluffy flakes that froze like ice onto things!) on everything. The clearing of the car for the trip home took much longer- sweeping snow off then scrapping the under layer of ice off, but I made it home, and was tempted to take a picture of the trees behind my place, all prettily covered in snow.

Ah, snow. I want it, then complain about it. At last it is here. (And will likely stay for a long time- the way the locals are talking!) Now the cold seems justifiable (-1 feels like -9). Now it feels like Advent can be just around the corner, that I should get out the cards and start sending them. Now the Christmas wreath I bought no longer seems silly and I feel that I could go sorting through my boxes looking for my other decorations!

How do you like your snow?


Anonymous Bec said...

I just like snow. There's something amuck with 10 degrees on November 19th.

2:37 AM, November 20, 2008  
Anonymous Aunt Nancy said...

I'll trade with Bec!!! We have about a foot and a half as of last weekend. Our electricity has been out twice because of the weight of the snow on the trees near the wires. The repairman won't come out again till we get it trimmed (then, of course, we won't need him!!!) Ho, ho, ho!

11:54 AM, November 20, 2008  
Anonymous 3ck said...

When it's cold out, I'll take snow over rain! I have been admiring it lately, as it swirls by the windows and rejoice in a warm winter coat!

5:22 PM, November 20, 2008  
Blogger Naomi said...

Ah, more snow! Over a foot dell last night (or at least there were spots with more than a foot!). I went out and got me a shovel today. Then I shoveled my car out. Such fun!

2:39 PM, November 22, 2008  
Blogger Tim Kuehn said...

Snow's ok, but it's too early to have all this white stuff around. There too much work that's supposed to be done in the fall that didn't get done before the snow came, and now it can't be done with the snow and ice covering everything.

It's very postcard-ish though. :)

8:22 AM, November 23, 2008  
Blogger Effie said...

I like my snow in a globe...

2:25 PM, November 23, 2008  

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