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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March "break"

Just many people actually manage to be healthy for their time off (holidays of one sort or another)? I seem to find an illness every time it's time for a break. I guess it means I really have to take time to relax!

The good thing is, with two weeks off, getting sick over the middle weekend isn't such a bad thing as there is time both before and after that point in time to go places and do things and wear yourself out once more!! ;)

Later today I'm heading over to visit Anna and her brother JH and Aunt Nancy. Should be a fun evening. I get to go to Anna's ballet class...even if I don't get to watch it, it should be fun.

I've seen some familiar faces around and about. It seems a little odd seeing people I haven't seen since highschool, out of the blue, but it's also fun. I'm hoping to get together with some friends later this week...if I can get around to it!

Talk to you later....I should go! Public internet means sharing!

I probably won't post again til I'm safely back in Ottawa.


Blogger Effie said...

Cool--ballet practice--take pics if you can!! Hugs to you!

After I hung up with you on Sunday evening I thought "hmmm, what is Naomi still doing at Mom & Dad's--shouldn't she be getting back to Ottawa?" and now I have my answer!

Love ya girlie-whirl! Give my love to Aunt Nan, Uncle John, JH & Anna!

3:33 p.m., March 21, 2006  
Anonymous Aunt Nancy said...

It was great to see your fuzzy head and beautiful face!! Time seems to fly by with very short occasions to visit with people. We managed to spend a whole "Life"-time in an hour though!!! That was very special to us. Thanks for making the time to visit us. Take care and safe travelling!

11:47 a.m., March 22, 2006  
Anonymous k trace said...

... you keep saying, "likely won't post again until" and it reminds me of "Princess Bride"--"likely won't see you in the morning" (or something similar)

5:17 p.m., March 22, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...


So, this doesn't count as a post, and no, I most likely WONT kill you by morning--trace!

It's good to get the chance to be home, to visit with people, even if the visits often come out too short! Today I got to have lunch with a friend from highschool--how things change, yet stay the same!

I got your blog message a little late to pass along those messages myself Effie--but as Aunt Nancy reads this too, hopefully the wishes made it to their rightful destination!

Thanks for the wonderful afternoon and evening Aunt Nancy, JH and Anna! I really enjoyed the time with you. Next time, hopefully it will be longer, and no one will threaten my feet!?!? with glue.

Hugs to you all! I'll most likely post with the good news of safe arrival in Ottawa!

Three Cheers for spring! (Or the hope of it!)

3:26 p.m., March 24, 2006  

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