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Saturday, March 18, 2006

New mode of transportation!

I got me an airplane....

Or not! It's actually a car. The liscence plate has a 707 on it though!! If I owned a digital camera, I would post the picture I took of it, slightly dirty from the drive down the county roads...but it's still purty. It's titanium grey- charcoal is what mom calls it- and is a Mazda three. No real bells and whistles on it though. It's got guts...and handles well. Mom found it comfy too!

I have a feeling the car's a boy...but Peter tried to tell me that all cars are Ladies...what do you think??

I had a good week in St. Catharines. I was able to do my elective, learn lots, visit a lot of friends, though not everyone--sorry Natasha!--and have a good time! I even got to play glow in the dark mini putt a couple of times. I think I'm getting better as I go!

Warning: I won't be able to blog for a few days...this being at home has its advantages--mainly I don't feel tied to the computer, but that also means I don't get to check my messages many times a day, or play on MSN. One more week off, then I'll be back in Ottawa, with internet waiting for me.

Hope all is well....I'll post pictures as soon as I have them developed!


Blogger Jerrica said...

I'm glad you are having fun and that's awesome that you have a car. Have a great day and week at home! Love you lots, Jerrica

P.S. Smile Always because God loves you and God Bless your socks off!

8:49 PM, March 18, 2006  
Blogger Kelly Klages said...

How does glow-in-the-dark mini-golf work? I suppose that your putter, the ball, and the hole you're aiming at would all have to be illuminated! That would be pretty cool.

9:19 PM, March 18, 2006  
Blogger Effie said...

I have a feeling it must be a boy--guys have female cars, girls have guy cars--give it a name--but not Jack--maybe "Carlos"? Or "Juan"--so you could say it was "Juan" nice car...teehee

I thought of Alice in Wonderland when I saw my word ver:
offxtbq--off with the bbq or somethin like that

10:10 PM, March 19, 2006  
Anonymous peter said...

Is this what it looks like?

Mazda's website plus some clickin'


6:31 PM, March 20, 2006  
Anonymous Bec said...

Yay for a new car! And a very handsome car he is. I'd agree that cars can be male. You should call him something masculine. Like Biff from "Death of a Salesman" or Regan from "King Lear".

I think my paper is eating my brain...

9:04 PM, March 20, 2006  
Anonymous peter said...

Ermm... I'm not much of a Willy Shakespeare fan, but wasn't Regan a girl? Or was that a joke?

6:59 AM, March 21, 2006  
Blogger Jerrica said...

That's your car?!?! That's pretty sweet! Man I want a car :(...hehe. I couldn't afford the gas =). Have a great day bella!

1:27 PM, March 21, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...

Yup Pete...that's pretty much him

He's a sweet ride...if I do say so myself. Today we're off to visit Anna and Aunt Nancy and JH. I hope we don't have any problems with the roads in and around their place!
Glow-in-the-dark mini putt...that's another blog almost by itself..but it works in that there are black lights, glowing balls, walls, scorecards and pencils. I think the putter was visible...but I'm not sure it glowed. The hole just showed up white. I really enjoy it.
The fun part is trying to see the lay of the hole...whether there are bumps/hills etc!

I'm still working on a name for him (my car)...I'm still mentally trying out one...I'll let you know it if it fits!

Hugs and God's blessings to you all!

1:55 PM, March 21, 2006  
Anonymous Bec said...

Yep. Regan is a girl. And that was a joke. Thanks Pete. See you on Maundy Thursday.

7:31 PM, March 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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