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Friday, June 16, 2006

Bread box attacks

Hi all

Really..I'm not about to talk about that....I'll leave that up to Kelly.

Today was a busy day. It included visits around town, dinner out with Alex and Kelly, choir practice, biking (on a stationary recombant bike) to Morden (or rather 13km) while playing winter and summer games on Alex's commodore 64 stuff and then we watched a couple of Muppets episodes. (I also made a balloon that would be destroyed if wet, but could survive sitting on...who'd like to explain that one?)

I really need to head to bed...but there are a few things that need saying: Effie, my big sister, is pregnant! I'm so proud of her and happy for her!! Things look ago for my Timmins visit in July--now I need to get some details set...more work to do!

Tomorrow night I'm going with Kelly to a Lutheran Women's Missionary League meeting....on a lake or something...sounds like fun to me!

The bed is calling...much more sweetly than the textbooks do...I think I'll answer this call!!


Blogger Effie said...

my darling, looking at the time when you posted that (unless it's still in Ontario time and you're in Manitoba time) it was past midnight when you typed this!

And I'm not THAT big yet...teehee! My pants fit this morning--not exactly the most comfy fit, but they fit!

Watch out for jumping bread boxes?? mHuh? I'll have to go read Kelly's blog...what was your name in Summer/Winter Olympics? Desa Mjiko? From the Federal Republic Of Germany or FROG?

10:29 a.m., June 16, 2006  
Blogger Jerrica said...

Hehehe That's so exciting Effie! Wow...Congratulations all around!! Wow you must be super excited and Naomi you're going to be an Aunt! hehe so exciting! Well I got stuff to do today but have a blessed day!!

12:15 p.m., June 16, 2006  
Anonymous trace said...

Maybe we need to hold our LWML meetings on a lake... that sounds really exciting!

5:44 p.m., June 16, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...


no- effie- you're not as big as a bread box- I hope!

I actually was boring, and played under Naomi, though one time I was Z.

I think we're all excited about Effie. I've never been an aunt before!

Yup...tracey- though getting in around midnight is a little different for LWML groups too, I suppose. But we stuck around to enjoy the sunset!

1:06 a.m., June 17, 2006  
Anonymous Chantal said...

Hi Naomi!
I just got your email and remembered about your blogg- so I thought I'd post a little message before I reply to your email. I'm glad you're having such a good time in manitoba!
And even though i don't know your sister Effie, Congratulations to her! and to you :) That's very exciting!
I also wanted to say that I have no clue how to explain your balloon...was it papier-mashe?
Ok, keep having fun and posting and I'll try and remember now to check you're blogg and stay in touch that way. Talk to you later!

8:11 p.m., June 19, 2006  
Blogger Kelly Klages said...

The breadbox opened up and bit me as I was painting it.

9:09 p.m., June 19, 2006  

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