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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This, that and a fluffy thing


Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day! I'm older, but I barely felt it, so it's ok!

Last week, while driving home, I got to see something that was rather neat. It was twilight time, (everything turns blue), still light enough for me to see beyond the scope of the headlights, but not by much. I was driving alongside Georgian Bay and happened to notice that the sky was exactly the same colour as the bay, and that the bay was very calm. It looked as though there WAS no bay, but that I was driving alongside the edge of the world.

Another fun thing... This morning I woke up to classical music. (This is nothing new, I've got my radio set that way). I noticed that I was sleeping on the pillow on the side of the bed I don't normally sleep on, but recalled trying to find a cool bit of pillow, on which to rest my head. Then I rolled over to the side of the bed I usually climb out on, and my head landed on something fuzzy. Yes, fuzzy. I don't sleep with stuffed animals anymore. We have no furry pets in the house...what could it be?
It was a duck. (Or rather, a big fuzzy head of a duck, almost puppet-like, in that you can put your hand in the back and make the beak move. Only thing is, when you move the beak, it quacks, and if you do it right it quacks a tune). NOT what I was expecting to find on my bed...but it must have fallen from it's home, on top of the headboard. I'm glad I didn't wake myself with the sound of quacking.

Life is going well. I'm in my last week at home for a while (likely a LONG while). I'm off to Chatham next. You may remember, I was there last year too. I hope the road I live on this year isn't nearly so muddy or holey!

Drop me a note, let me know what's up. I miss you!


Blogger Effie said...

aw sweetie--we miss you too! Watch out for falling ducks! or rather:

Teehee--that's quite an entertaining duck though, I always have fun with it!

6:25 p.m., September 25, 2007  
Anonymous Bec said...

I have no duck.

10:22 p.m., September 25, 2007  
Blogger Naomi said...

Oh, you're so witty effie. I'm glad you enjoy him.

Bec...that can be remedied. Teehee

7:05 p.m., September 27, 2007  
Anonymous Bec said...

Suddenly I understand why everyone is giving me ducks on facebook.

9:57 p.m., September 27, 2007  
Anonymous 3cK said...

... actually, I just thought the duckling was cute.

Quack quack!

5:28 p.m., October 01, 2007  

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