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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun at home

Fun at home: Packing, garage saling, packing, visiting with friends and family, you see a theme?

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I'm not online as much as I used to be, and will likely be in a bit of a void for the next couple of weeks, internet wise. (I haven't set up my new phone/internet yet).

Oh, about the New stuff. I'm moving! That's right. To Moncton, NB.

I'm leaving tomorrow (though I'm giving myself a couple of days to get there). I'm excited, but nervous at the same time.

I just got back (or rather, got back on Wednesday) from a 1083 km trip- visiting people here, there and everywhere. I admit, I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to (sorry to the land of vines, I had hoped to stop in!) but I did see a bunch of people. That was fun. (And slightly tiring!)

I shouldn't stay online much longer, there is still much to pack.

Oh, anyone up for pinochle? I've been on a slight winning streak- with many actual pinochles showing up in the games! (4/6 games last night, 4 pinochles!)

Happy trails to all of you setting out on adventures. I know I'm not the only one this summer!!


Anonymous 13ie said...

Happy trails to you too! Hope you have a good trip as you move.

4:39 p.m., June 23, 2008  

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