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Friday, March 31, 2006

No pics...sigh


I tried to print a picture today to frame...the colours were off...but I will still keep it framed. It's Peter's chickadee! I really like chickadees!

Speaking of creatures...I was called a Chia pet earlier this week...and am still hoping that it hasn't become a nickname for that person. Strange thing. Today, I styled my hair with no one wanted to touch my head. This past week I've had random and new people deciding to "pet" or rub my hair. I really don't mind that much, so long as they ask, and it doesn't turn into a noogie.

We have someone coming to look at the apartment tomorrow morning. What this means is that my room is actually clean- actually tidy, for a change. It's the one room that I don't fuss over usually- but if someone wants to look at the place, I should let it look its best. (Plus, I've been meaning and meaning to organise at some point...and now I had a really good reason to do it!)

I was hoping to get a picture to post today, or to have my pictures back from the past little while, but alas, I'm still not using the camera as I should. It sits in my purse, very contentedly, and does nothing. Outside is too mucky-boggy, early-spring-everything-just-melted to take a picture. But hopefully soon we'll get some flowers blooming. That would make me happy!! (I don't feel right taking pictures of my car left right and center--you'd all get bored looking through them!) yeah...I thought you'd like to see what a chia pet case you don't remember them! (Grandma and Grandpa have one in their kitchen still- though it's hairless!) Check out the chia!

Odd things that they're still doing with Chia pets etc!


Anonymous peter said...

I think it is spelled 'Noogie', by the way...

Which size of the chickadee did I send you? I have one that is 1445 x 2167. And how off were the colours? I read that for my printer with kodak paper I should slightly adjust the colours a bit (bump up the yellow, turn something else down, etc.,).

I was working out my train schedule and things are being frustrating... Trains only run a couple days a week...

9:51 a.m., April 01, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...

no more nuggys

thanks pete

I don't know the size of the picture-- I'd have to recheck it. But although I'm not the happiest person about the fact it's a little dark and the branch colours are off a little- I think it will stay just as it is!

Trains are fun to organize! You get time in between to check out all the local sites and take tonnes of pictures! ;)

5:09 p.m., April 01, 2006  
Anonymous peter said...

Err... Na... um... the chickadee is on my fingers in front of an out of focus brownish background... What branch are you speaking of?

(Also, I checked my email, and you have the second biggest version of the cropped pictures).

8:36 p.m., April 01, 2006  
Anonymous trace K said...

That explains it, Nao's picture isn't really the picture she thought it was, and so the colours are off!

peter, sounds like your train schedules are as much fun as bus schedules from the Forest City to O.S. -- not a daily occurance unless you want to route thru T.O.!

Boggy spring isn't photogenic?

3:57 p.m., April 02, 2006  
Anonymous Peter said...

I put some pictures up today. You may have seen some of them. You may not have, too.

8:09 p.m., April 02, 2006  

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