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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rush hour

Well I did it

Me and my little car...we survived our first rush hour ever. Someone said to me "well that will be your last fun one". I personally don't agree...I don't think it was all that fun. But, I survived it, made it where I was going, enjoyed the helpfulness of some of my fellow drivers, didn't get honked at...all that fun stuff!

The name on my car is forthcoming...I'm giving him a few days to try out the name, feel it out, see if it fits. Once I know that it's his name, I'll share with you!

I'm tired...but, alas, I must go and do some reading for school...will the fun never stop?!


Blogger Jerrica said...

I am glad that you survived your first rush hour. You shall see more of that I am sure...I personally don't mind rush hour, except when i am trying to turn left on a street...eek. Frustrating...even if I am not the driver. Well have a great week and have fun with the reading!

9:52 p.m., March 28, 2006  
Anonymous Aunt Nancy said...

Rush hour in Ottawa is something I've only experienced in a bus... or with my friend Su driving....(I never want to do that kudos to you for your survival!!)

All the more reason why you need to get a practice in a place like Hanover or Mount Forest. Rush hour is more like Rush 5 minutes.
Except on Fridays in the summer when everyone is passing through to get to the beach!

Car names.... I'm guessing Fred is out since you have one in the family...perhaps something exotic like Angelo????

I'm less imaginative.... my car is usually %*$^*(^$# piece of #$%%&.

12:12 p.m., March 29, 2006  
Anonymous trace K said...

Why did you decide to venture out during rush hour? Sounds like you are having new adventures outside of school!

5:04 p.m., March 29, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...

Rush hour was a necessity-- well I thought it was. I had the car, I had someone comign ot stay at my house for an interview in town (an unknown) and I couldn't make her take a taxi!! I actually had a good trial run the night before to find my way to and from the station-- that part of the city is rather confusing!!

Aunt Nancy- your poor car! I feel sorry for you, that you need to call it nasty names like that. I hope to never need to yell at my car...encourage, yes, I'm sure that will happen, but yell...

Trace-- it's always good to have adventures outside of school! Makes life more interesting!

Last night's trip to church was an easy one. I've gone that way many, many times and watched others do the drive, so it wasn't all that difficult!

Next adventure- groceries!

10:35 a.m., March 30, 2006  
Blogger Kelly Klages said...

How can you tell if it's a "him"?

3:45 p.m., March 30, 2006  
Blogger Naomi said...

Well, Kelly, as I reminded Bec, you're not allowed to flip it over to wanted me to look under the hood to find out, but it just feels like a boy-car.

Hugs to you for tomorrow!

(my verification word was nearly a word today!! logen! A name...for my car?! lol)

8:10 p.m., March 30, 2006  
Anonymous Bec said...

Logan was a boy in my class who everyday pretended to sneeze an apple out his nose. You aren't allowed to name the car that. And I will never eat a granny smith apple...

11:05 p.m., March 30, 2006  

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