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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Peter
Happy Birthday tooooo you!

And God's blessings too!

Hey everyone, guess what today is? It's my brother's birthday. He's older than me...but not by much. I'm very excited, because the plan is to have him come here to spend the weekend! I still haven't figured out what all we're going to do/see here in Ottawa, our nation's capital, but if you have any ideas, let me know!!

I guess I should also mention that I got to see him on Saturday at the EDLYA retreat. That was a blast. He took some photos of me being an archer--I hope to get my hands on those soon, and I'll post them here.

The retreat was good. I enjoyed the speaker (on the topic of creation), the talent show--where I demonstrated my skills with um...pliers...and um...patients not fully under the anesthetic. I think that my nurse was having far too much fun --but that's ok! (We did a skit --so the audience could only see shadows, and we pulled randomly odd stuff out of James' belly *abdomen*. Odd things included a cup of tea--which I pretended to drink, a deck of cards, a few know...odd stuff. But it was a plug to get the youth out to EDLYA retreats--so there was also a fish with EDLYA written in it.) Also, there was good music, new friends made and lots of praising God. I'm sure going to miss EDLYA when my schedule starts decreasing the amount of time I have for such events!! (Hopefully that doesn't happen too soon!)

There are few things/books/articles that I'm going to have to get in my possession at some point. It would be good to have some of Creation Ministries' stuff up my sleeves.

In other news--looks like the trip to Manitoba is a go! I have a few more chunks of paperwork to get filled out, but other than that...I'm approved and ready to go.

One of my friends was sick, so I helped her with a very little bit of stuff yesterday--and today, she's feeling better and decided to thank me with a plateful of strawberries...mmmmm! Guess what I'm having for desert tonight! Thanks for your thoughtfulness! I really must go. I had hoped to get a bit of homework done this afternoon before heading out for choir. (I still have a little bit of time, so I'm going to try!!)

Talk to you all later!


Blogger Jerrica said...

Yes I was having way too much fun as the nurse. It was fun wearing those amzing nurses scrubs and such hehe. But I must go and hand in a project that is long over due! I am glad you had fun!! love you lots!!

12:13 p.m., May 05, 2006  

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