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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's raining again!

If I were a raindrop, I'd be falling all over you!

Nope, not a line used on me...scarily enough, I just made that up!

It's raining again. We have had a lot of rain this summer. I know, you have too, probably. I think the plants in my bay window get jealous, but they aren't getting waterlogged like the plants out doors. That reminds me....anyone want to plant-sit for a while? I mean, some of my plants will be ok getting watered only once a week or two. Others wont like it so much. Especially getting as much sun as they do when it's actually sunny. (It has happened this summer, honest!) I think Heather said she'd take a couple of them. I have to check around with people. would you like to see some pictures? I think it's high time I share some with you. We'll see what I can find hiding on this computer.
This one is for little Austin. It's his bulldozer.

Some flowers I spotted while out on a walk one day.

The little man himself!

This flower lasted and lasted!! So pretty!

My friend Sandie's last day with us! Laura and I went out for lunch with her to wish her well!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good morning!

HI Everyone!

It has been a little while, hasn't it? I seem to have a little more time to myself these days, but find that I'm using it to catch up on things like cleaning, reading for pleasure, shopping, and getting out to enjoy the sunshine! We're having a cooler July this year than last, with warmer days but cool nights. I find I sleep better that way, so I'm ok with it!

I'll be "moving" north for about 12 weeks (1 1/2 hr north of here) starting the end of the month. I hope to be home on weekends, and should have internet access while I'm there, but we'll see how busy that makes me. Gotta love living in a motel?!

I have photos to share, but not here with me. (Mid morning breaks are nice to have!!)

Not too much else going on here...we'll have to chat again sometime soon!