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Monday, October 26, 2009

I know what you're looking for

You're expecting wedding photos, and lots of them. I may not fulfill your every wish in that department, but I do hope to be able to provide you with almost a lot.

I'm blogging after an extended absence. Again. It seems to happen more often now, doesn't it? Maybe life is busier (read: naomi drove to Ontario and back, moved/ran around NB then to NS and did a big test) lately, or maybe I don't have as much winding down time as I ought. Sigh. I'm looking forward to this next little while, because although work could be crazy, I know I'm not super on the run otherwise. Except maybe traveling to Calgary this weekend. That might count towards busy.A birthday "party" photo with me and Master A.

There are a couple new guys in my life, thanks to Terra. Marcus, a glass-licking cat in a photo/card who stares creepily at me every time I'm on the computer, and Flynn, the turtle who lives on my quillo on my bed and smiles at me from his perch. (Can turtles actually smile?)

I've promised you more photos from the summer fun too. I will get to those. At some point. There are some really nice ones, which I have yet to edit. That's pretty much what the hold up is. Oh, and also, I'm feeling lazy!

Some fun from the "bachelorette" which involved going to Stratford for an Oscar Wilde play: "The Importance of Being Ernest" and eating supper at Timmies.
So here we have Adrian running off with mom and dad's Australian flag
A few Bec and Adrian shots
A few getting ready for the rehearsal pics
A few rehearsal and dinner pics
A few getting ready for the wedding pics
A few wedding pics
A few reception pics

A few Thanksgiving Sunday pics
That's about all you'll get tonight. Sorry there aren't more. I mean, there are a lot here but I have more, lots more, but as I didn't resize them, they might tax out your computers in loading them if I put on more. You guys let me know!