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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Babies going home


From the title, I'm sure you've gathered a thing or two! The new babies in my life, my brother Alex and his wife Kelly's little girl and the rest of the family are now home, as is my friends and their new baby whom I asked you to keep in your prayers last week. Their baby girl is doing well.

In other news. I was out to watch PotC #3 last night. I enjoyed it. If you've been to see it and would like to chat about details, please DON'T do it in the comment section- I don't want to spoil things for those who haven't made it out to see it yet. You can email me- chickadeenaomiatgoogledotcom .

I went out for lunch with a friend whom I haven't seen since grade school on Thursday. We had an enjoyable time, catching up etc. We sat at an outdoor patio, and I think I got a tad bit burnt! (I guess I don't usually put on sunscreen for lunch!)

While out on Thursday, and yesterday, I've been seeing signs of what I like to call "Red Army Fever". Thursday there was a rally downtown- lots of people running around with jersey's on, a girl with a sen's flag for a top, people trying to start big cheers in the mall. Then yesterday I saw someone driving in their convertible with a faux stanley cup in their back seat. Made me want to laugh, and I almost got my camera out before the light changed! GO SENS GO! First game tomorrow.

I should get going...just wanted to say hi, and update you a little bit! God bless!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Big weekend

First off-- prayer request. My friend (who is considered a sister) is pregnant and being induced tomorrow. (Showing signs of preeclampsia...sound familiar??) She's far enough along that baby should be fine (days away from "term"). Keep her and "bit" in your prayers. Also daddy too-- it's likely going to be a long day!!

This weekend I've gone to Gatineau park twice. Once on Friday, for a hike, and once today- to canoe. I also made it out to watch spidey-man three, mowed part of the lawn, gardened, got to attend church with and have lunch with some family (we should meet up sometime again-- how 'bout at the Wendy's on St Laurent??) and attended a birthday party for my pastor.

I'd like to wish some cousins happy birthday- Aaron (Saturday) and Sean today.

Some pictures of the promised! Maybe there will be more!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is just a short note. I NEED to say this somewhere, big and bold!


We just won the semi-finals- in over time. 3-2. Now off to the Stanley Cup finals!!! Who do you think they'll play against?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sleepy dayzzzzzzzz....


I got to sleep in today! It was wonderful. Don't worry- I'm not slacking off, taking time off in the middle of the week, I'm working tonight- the evening shift.

The title just felt like a good idea- I can see the pooch of the house relaxed, snoozing away just outside my door. Also, I chatted with Bec this morning and she was feeling sleepy.

I have this weekend off. I had thought about running around the country again (like my 2 weeks off in April), but wise people have talked me out of spending WAY too much on plane tickets or spending 15 + hours on the road for 2/4 days that I have off. I am thinking about puttering around Ottawa, maybe finding a canoe and a Terra to help me paddle and go off for a bit. If I do, don't worry, I'll take plenty of photos!! (Don't I always??)

Sleepy days- it's also cool out, and overcast. The sort of day that lets you feel like snuggling under a blanket with a good book, near a crackling fire allowing yourself to drop off to sleep without a care...that's today.

I hope you all have a fun day. Happy long weekend to Canadians, that will start after work tomorrow for me and the rest! (So what I get off at 1am tomorrow!?! ;) ) May 2-4! Victoria Day! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun and games

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Fun-- celebrating MOTHER'S DAY!
I'd like to send out a great big hug and wishes to all my "mom"s. In specific- my real mom- hope you're enjoying your time out west!!! And also to Debbie and Mary.

God bless your day!! And another special note to all the new mommies!! HUGS AND LOVE!!

Also-- the games bit! Tonight, I watched THE game. Sens won!!!4-3 in 2nd overtime. But I found myself thinking how silly I must look. I was sitting in a bedroom (not everyone in the house wanted to watch), at the end of a bed, cozy in a blanket, knitting. Yup. That's me. What a way to watch a big game. SUCH a party animal. Who knows, I may even attempt to attend one of them here in Ottawa (though I might have cause to have my head examined--this city will be going CRAZY!). We'll have to see!

Again- hugs to all the moms out there. Can't wait til I get the opportunity to join your ranks as a wife and mommy someday!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


To post requires 3 elements:
1. Time
2. Computer access in that free time
3. A story to tell

Now, I often have #3. Sometimes #1 happens and #2 is not fulfilled. But now, this moment, ALL 3 are fulfilled and here I am!

Ah, yes. I piqued your interest with my title. I'm glad to inform you that there are a few stories that go nicely along with the title!!

Firstly. I don't know how many of you know, but I've been feeling lonely lately. Pet lonely. You know how that is. My fish (Finnegan, likely 4 yr old- their lifespan is 2-3!) died this winter and the family dog died last fall. I kept seeing puppies and bunnies and kitties...and really, really wanted a pet. I know I'm rather busy (see requirement #1 and how rarely it is fulfilled) so I didn't think getting a puppy was a very wise idea. I thought and thought. And thought up some cute names.

Tuesday, last week, I had the day off. I woke up that day and said to myself I'm going to go get a pet today. I knew what I wanted, and had a couple names at the ready (Pepe was one of them, just so you know Bec). I went to a pet store. They didn't carry pets, so I got a couple of supplies and went on my way. I tried a second store...there, they had no more, for some odd reason this pet was in big demand and they wouldn't have more until the next day. (I had decided I was getting my pet THAT DAY, so that store was out!). I thought again--where would they have him??! My last stop, and it really was the last one, not too far out of my way, was to a bigger pet shop, where they actually carry pets. I went in. I looked. THEY HAD THEM!!!

On a few shelves there were bowls. Most of these bowls had a beta (Siamese Fighting fish) in them. The lower shelf ones looked sad. Not so colourful, not so active. There was a bowl the next shelf which looked full of water, but I couldn't see a fish. I was about to give up. I had hoped to get a fish, brillient green or blue and non of the lower shelf were fitting that discription. I briefly glanced up again, and there he was. He had just swum up to the top of the previously mentioned full bowl. There he was, My Mr. Darcy. (Top shelf, hard to find, BUT OHHHH SO worth the wait!!)He's a great fish, and a good eater! (like all the reflexions??)

The next introduction story--

He wandered into my life just today. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of him!

I was relaxing after school/work today, I had given a presentation and it went well. Fiona was up, doing something and she came rushing into the living room saying: There's a raccoon! So I jumped up and ran to the window- there he was. A cute little baby raccoon. I decided that if he was going to visit us in broad daylight (4ish) I would get a photo (or 12). I grabbed my camera from upstairs and ran out the front door to snap some photos.

He had travelled from where I last saw him, but with Fiona's help I found him, wandering into the garden. I took photos as I approached (thank Peter for that tip) and soon was about 2 feet from him. He squeeked at me a little, stared at me while I took photos, listened to my advice about not getting run over, crossed the road and tried to climb a tree. (Not terribly successfully!)

Here he is!

So sweet! If you want other views of him, let me know! I have at least a couple more!!

And last, but certainly NOT least-- I am an auntie again. I wont mention her name, but she sure is tiny and sweet. She and her mommy need all your prayers as they grow- in size and strength. Last update- all is well!

I think those are all the tales/tails for tonight!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Time to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Happy Wedding Ain-silly!
Happy L- to Kelly and Alex!

You're all in my prayers! (Days may be off by a bit!)

Effie and Katrina are coming to visit! YEAH!!!