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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

A few photos


It was a long weekend. I'm tired. But it went well. I have for you a few photos. If you object to them, I will remove at least one of them. (Please, email me to let me know that you object, if you do)

First hopefully not objectionable photo: A bluejay

Next some Ducks

Then, to prove I was near a famous spot

Then a new family photo of some friends of mine.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

There's a kind of hush

All over the world tonight...

or at least within my apartment there is. Just the hum of the computer mingling with the tippidy-tappedy of the keyboard as I write to all 3 of you who read my blog. (My tongue is firmly placed in my cheek)

I'm feeling sing-songy today. The other day I warned the others in the office that if they kept the radio station playing they'd likely have me singing out loud a lot (very good tunes were playing that morning)- they said that was who knows what I'll be singing around there over the next little while!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend. What a lot we have to be thankful for! God's love, grace and forgiveness, family, friends, health, shelter, all my needs met, as well as many of my wants.

When I'm at work and puttering around when I have free time, I'm often reminded of all the blessings we have. Thank you God- for everything!!

I wanted to thank Peter for putting up with a little sister for Thanksgiving. It was fun- even if we didn't get to see all the wonderful colours- or rather be able to get photos of the beautiful sights along our trek.

Some birthday wishes going out to Anna (just in case I'm not online this weekend- it could be a crazy weekend!) I love you sweetie! And Happy Birthday to the First Lady of the land of the vines this weekend too!

I have a new friend. He/she doesn't have a name yet. Would you like to help me name it?? (Pictured here in Peter's place). Let me just say that it was a fun challenge to fit it into Atreyu!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not, unable or just plain no

This week has been full of a lot of the above. I was playing babysitter (not the mama) this week, in a slightly different way than usual- had the overnight shift with the kids sleeping.

This weekend I tried to do errands. And not your normal, every day errands, these were special, once every couple of years or only a couple times a year sort of things. But, I'm in a new town. I don't know where everything is. And I didn't find what I was looking for yesterday, and gave up. Today, I tried something different, but in the same vein. No success. All the stores were closed on Sundays. Not a bad thing, having stores closed on Sundays, in fact, I quite like it. I just wasn't expecting it here. I was completely unable to do those two rare errands. Then I just got home, hoping to do some laundry (as I was all weekend, but have been running here and there looking for places that I could not find, etc) and the machine was in use. Unable to do laundry. (Good thing I went shopping with Fiona and found a couple of new shirts!)

We went for a stroll today in a park. That was nice. I was able to get a couple nature shots. The trees are being difficult though. I haven't really had the opportunity to take a nice fall picture. The leaves are either already down, not changed yet or faded (Or I'm driving and unable to get a good shot!). I've been enjoying the sights that I see, though I can't share them with you.

I hope this finds you well. I hope to be successful in my errands this week, and if all turns out well you may get a picture or two out of it all!