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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Skitter, skitter. Scratch, scratch

You might be wondering what little critter is pestering me. Well, I must admit, it's one I admitting willingly into my place. The kitten. Yup. She is a pest sometimes, but I do enjoy the welcomes I receive when I come home, the knowledge that there's someone else in the building with me. She even deals with little bugs for me too!

Some of her scratching is gonna get me in to trouble, though. She has ruined the corner of one of the carpets while trying to make my bedroom door open. I've given up trying to keep it closed at night. She tends to like to be near me- so when I'm in the office- she's either climbing the shelves, to the window sill or on the printer. She will occasionally lay just outside the room and watch me as I type. I'm glad that my furniture isn't all fancy and nice. Her claws like to play too much for that. She really loves to be up on top of things!!

What else is new? Well, I can't seem to push past that "we don't set the Christmas tree up until after Dad's birthday". This means I'll likely put the tree up this weekend. Any guesses how long it will take my cat to pull it or many of the decorations down? (I have a way to tie up the tree...and I think I will put it into play right away!)

I worked this past weekend, so I'm tired. I should go and pull some supper together before I head out for Advent service tonight.

A picture or two to send you on your way!! (Yup, some random ones as well as the cat ones!)