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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How does that work?

I was traveling a lot this week. I just went home and came back, sorry for not seeing everyone and their brother, but I ran out of time.

Some interesting/strange things were seen while I drove to and from home. The first was a "yield to oncoming traffic" which was posted for both directions (around a water on the road piece of road). It was slightly exciting/interesting trying to decide who was to yield, but eventually we waded through the water and were off again. (We being myself and Atreyu.)

Next was the lemonade stand that I saw advertised. It's a bit early in the season, but I got excited anyway. The most exciting/interesting bit was it was advertised, on pink bristol board, as FREE lemonade. I'm not sure how that works. Does that mean the lemonade is free, but you have to pay for the brownie to go with it? The cup? The sugar? (I'm thinking in Lucy terms- Peanuts). I bet they don't make much on their venture.

I stopped at a rather large road-side icecream place for the last bit of fun of the journey. It was the milkshake I got today. "It's a little thick" she said as she handed it over to me. I don't think icecream in a cup with a straw in it is equal to a milkshake- but with tremendous willpower I was able to "drink" my milkshake while driving home. It meant I got to drink it for over an hour- and it was still nice and cold the whole way! (The blender didn't chop up the nuts either, so I had to open the lid and shake those out at the end- not while driving).

I also spotted a fox and her young cross the road in front of me. So cute!!

Speaking of cute- I was harassed into fiddling with some photos last you go!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

You'll never guess

Or maybe you will...

What did I do yesterday?

Two guesses

I'm out to dinner with some colleagues. Spring has sprung, the trees are blooming!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On the move

Things are happening. I'm planning trips. I'm looking at maps. I'm pretending to pack. (I'm back in Ottawa, for the time being!) I'm saying goodbyes (those are hard!).

Next week I plan on being in NB/NS for a few days. I'm hoping to secure a place to live while I'm out there.

I'm looking forward to my visitors. I have had a few visitors over the 4 years I've been here, but not a lot. I do enjoy visitors!! (NOTE: please give me advance warning before visiting me out East- work schedules and all that!)

Oh, I'm just remembering. I changed my little photo for the blog- that's a photo from Australia. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fun and nonsense

That's what we're doing lately. Nonsense. Baby talk, goofy songs with made up tunes/lyrics. Also, we've been dragging out the forgotten songs of our childhood. I must admit, some of them aren't from so long ago for me, but that's not because I'm that young, but because I've done my fair share of babysitting over the years.

I'm enjoying the time I'm spending with my brother, sister-in-law and their little girl. I'm also glad that Tracey has been able to spend time here with us too. We've been shopping and found some good stuff.

Other fun- we've taught the little girl a game...still working on teaching her to blow kisses though. I wonder if Katy does that yet??

Jane Austen- a-thon continues. (WWJAK?) It's fun! You should try it sometime!!

Back to Ontario tomorrow. I'm sad that the trip here has flown by.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh what fun

Little Fuss-fuss is driving us crazy! She's being extra fussy with teeth coming in, and then the learning how to pull oneself up is a recipe for falling. Silly girl

Just wanted to say hello. Life is fun in Manitoba. We went shopping yesterday in Winnipeg. I got Peter a b-day present while there. Hope he likes it! (I did not, however, send him a birthday cake that he would have to both pick up and pay for himself!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!

Happy Anniversary tomorrow mom and dad!!

Happy Birthday fuss-fuss!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

From a mostly flat province

Which one? Did you make a guess?

Oh, alright. I'll fill you in. I'm in Manitoba!! I saw some of the hills here with my very own eyes!!

Some of the things I've been thinking about lately:

(Airport/airline musings)
If I don't watch the new guy tag my luggage fully, will it really travel with me to Winnipeg? (It did)
Whew! I'm glad my nail-clippers (stored in my purse) are not weapons' grade.
Um, why are we heading back towards the gate? We haven't gone anywhere yet.
Delayed, again!
Do they really put airplanes out to pasture?
Once in the air, I tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. I watched a movie instead. (Thought the wonderful music in it would lull me to sleep, but I was wrong!)

Alex and Kelly and little girl were awaiting me. Then we hopped into the car and drove to Brandon. (Not the most interesting drive in the world!) Church service there, lunch at the Parthenon, shopping with Kelly, back to Alex. Then off to Holland, saw a big windmill with fake tulips, an amazing art show, then drove through windmill fields, hills and dales back to A & K's.

Yesterday was a good day too. Many er, um, exciting moments with little girl. She's happier today already!

Happy Ascension day!