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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Reformation day!

Happy all hallow's eve! Happy All Saints day tomorrow!!

I celebrated Halloween this year, the first year I've had my own door from which I gave out treats. I had fun carving my pumpkins last night, and had fun dressing up for the fun of it today. I didn't party this year, but I got to go to 2 Halloween parties last year, so that makes up for it.
Check out my little friends and their costumes too! Little Master A, Little (not so little) R, Little G and Littler I. I dressed up for work on Friday and then for today too...check out my loot box!

Also- my cat has been playing interesting games. I thought I'd share photos of the cat and Halloween with you!More another time too, I'm sure!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some more photos

Just because! I gather the Australia photos weren't the only ones making you beg for more.

Here's to you Peter:Turkey and dressingPies, apple and pumpkin, which would you choose?
And then here's Peter's other turkey, not requiring carvingNow a couple more Australia photos
My first "roos" out in the wildernessWylie bay

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall in all its glory...

Fall is here. The mornings are cold, the coats are thicker, the leaves are not only colourful, but are mostly on the ground.

This year, fall is a little different for me. I am in a place with a yard, and a garden. I've started pretending to garden and have a rake to call my own! (I haven't used it yet, but the backyard is beckoning.) The tree responsible for the leaves is on someone else's property, but I won't make them come over and clean up the leaves.

This week I've cleared out a bunch of the front flower bed (only removing dead stuff) and planted a few mums and lots of bulbs. I have a few more that I want to plant, but today I didn't get out to the garden to put them in. Hopefully soon the rest will go in.

Now, some long overdue photos. A couple from Australia to whet your appetite for more, and a few fall colours from my neighbourhood and some thanksgiving weekend photos too.

After I'm done putting these up for you, I'll go put the leftovers from supper away, settle down on the couch (likely with a cat nearby) and do some knitting. I'm nearly done this project!!