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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year

Today I was able to eat the head off a dragon. (It was the last piece left!)

Dragon Sushi. It was a dragon made in honour of the new year- so happy new year to all who celebrate today/tomorrow!

Also- my window plants appear to be doing well.

I'm very excited to be playing a role in my sister Rebecca's upcoming wedding. Congrats Adrian and Bec! I've started plotting...all good things, mind you...but this is such fun! I am also trying to plan some of my vacation for this year- hope to be spending a week with Bec in the near future and then spend some time in Ontario in the early spring/summer.
This is a picture from last weekend when Peter, Fiona, Nika and I attempted to find some sea-fog. It was chilly out. (-23 ish) We didn't find what we were looking for, so we set out for Moncton again. (This was taken near Fundy National Park)

Not too much exciting going on here. Too bad laundry doesn't do itself!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ah, winter

So. Winter is here. Canada and the US have been enjoying their fair share of chilly-ness. Today our temperature is rising above -18 C and we're getting more of that beautiful, fluffy white stuff- be followed by freezing rain, rain and more snow. What fun!

In ~1/2 an hour Bec will be in the air returning to Canada. I can't wait for a good long chat.

Peter and I had a fun weekend- and therefore, here's an ode to brothers:

Help with many things:
Adding names to pre-named pets
Open up the spare 'oom
Keep you sane
Send you on wild goose chases
Teach you about Hockey
Find the bottom of the cookie bag/jar
Play in the snow
Choose a new lappy (not quite there yet)
Grocery shop
Try new and exciting foods/restaurants (Exploding baby food)
Play phone tag
Literary nudges (lending/sharing books)
Movie watching pals.

I miss my brothers! Thanks Peter for coming to visit this weekend!
To my're up next!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Epiphany and New Year!

Hello everyone! It appears that I manged to not blog during the entire season of Christmas. I am sorry for that, though I did help effie with a blog mid Christmas. I will attempt to be a little more forthcoming with blogs this 2009. (No promises made or implied!)

I had a wonderful Christmas, getting to celebrate here with Church family and then at home with family. They even waited the opening of most presents until I got there! One fun addition was the web cam for mom and dad. It's fun to use....and I might end up getting one for me.

The time flew- I had fun with family at big and small celebrations, had a fun party with Bec, Mel, Ashley and Terra (and partially Deb) and then spent New Years' Eve with effie and family and my brother Peter. I will get photos up, but not today!

Since I've been back I've been mostly sleeping and working. I have a couple of days off, so I'm going to try to get my place in order. I took down the Christmas Wreath off of the door and moved the Wise men into the two nativity scenes I have.

Oh, yeah, I was going to do a list...things that I got for Christmas
10 pairs of socks
9 Christmas (tree) ornaments (which ended up around the apt on things)
8 Edible gifts
7 Pictures of kiddies
6 boxes filled with nativity set items
5 books
4 pairs of earrings
3 household items
2 movies
2 containers of tea
1 cowboy hat shaped air-freshener
and 1 guitar praise! (woohoo)

Thanks everyone for everything- your wishes, the wonderful presents (there were a few more too- fun ones as well), the time I got to spend with you (in person or on the phone) and your prayers.

I miss you! Drop me a line sometime!