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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home sweet Clarksburg

Hello everyone! I'm writing to you from the comfort of the public library. (Boy this keyboard is noisy in comparison to my lappy!)

After a long-long day yesterday (including packing, finding boxes, running some stuff around to be stored for the summer, packing my little Atreyu full of stuff, finding a place for Finnegan to sit safely, and driving ~ 6.5 hours) I am home! I will be here for a little over a week before the travelling adventures of my summer commence.

The drive went well...even though I left later than I had hoped. No animals decided to bother my drive, and there were very few crazy-bad drivers around to deal with.

I enjoy being home, even if there is no airconditioning. We're enjoying rather warm weather right now- my car said 35 when we got in it earlier (95 F, plus add some for humidity!) It's great to be home, but it feels really silly to be unpacking those boxes that I just filled yesterday. It shall be interesting, trying to find spots for everything, and figuring out why I've kept some of the things I have. Also fun, finding stuff that is hidden in a box somewhere.

I was happily greeted by my parents, Bec and Melissa. They are a great bunch, mom took Finnegan in and got him settled back in his bowl- after he attempted a Nemo stunt of jumping in the sink, Melissa, Bec and dad had a good continuous line of grabbing stuff as I pulled it out of the semi-booby-trapped car and handed it over. Dad had to complain about my packing job, at least 3 times and asked if I wanted lessons in packing a car. I'd just like to say- all the stuff I needed to pack fit, and nothing shifted while I was driving. Aren't those the main things??? Then we relaxed watching the end of Ella Enchanted- a kiddy movie, yes, but still fun and good.

I think I shall get going. I'll try to keep answering/updating regularly. Please- comment! It's not hard!!! Please notice- there are new links to the side. Enjoy!

Question of the day: What's the worst/craziest thing you've lost/misplaced during a move? How long did it take you to find it?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Can't call me Bertha

So, there's a story there. I'm willing to tell it to you, but first: you need some background info.

Last night was a good night, but we were out kinda late. We went out to the "end of block" party and had a good time, dancing and trying not to look in one of the directions in the bar- it had a bad view! Ask me about it later! So on our way home, my roommates and I were discussing when we'd head to the grocery store in the morning, to get food to bring/help us make what we were bringing to the barbeques. I told them 10, 10:30.

The story:
This morning dawns. I finally get out of bed shortly after 9. (Not bad having climbed in around 2). I puttered around, finished off another box of cereal (what am I going to eat the next few days?? Should I open up the boring crisp rice? I have one bagel left...hmm) and looked around the kitchen

DISASTER! know, we've been studying for exams, food gets made, dishes get rinsed/stacked...big mess. (Only a couple meals worth, but our last day of studying we decided that lunch could be an hour-long making affair--study delaying tactic #47). Yeah, so I decided I'd do them this morning. I was almost halfway done at around 9:45 and I looked at the clock and said to myself: "If she's ready to go by ten I'll tell people they can call me Bertha". We didn't actually head out for groceries until closer to 11:30, and the individual in question- still no where near ready to leave the house, so she didn't join us!

What does this mean?

(Not a Lutheran question today, my friends)

Yup, so there you have it.. an Orlando Bloom story has hit the internet...or not...that's just what I call my long, drawn out, often pointless or almost pointless stories.

Also today: 2 barbeques- both went really well...I had too much to eat, so the next couple days of packing, cleaning and moving (including clearing cupboards of random this and that) could help me wear off some of that great food I enjoyed. People enjoyed my Shish kabob- it was fun to make. I'd do it again.

I think that today (combined with exam stress, writing and late night partying) has made me tired. I'm off to bed, I 'spect.

Friday, May 26, 2006



(Not Goldberg)

I'm done school! (For the summer). I wrote my last exam's done, and now I get some relaxing time off.

To start off the "summer" we have had a nice muggy day. What this means is, the tractor has started up again (or rather the sound of one outside my window--which is the airconditioner). Also, it looked like rain, so instead of Chantal riding home in the spitting yickiness- she came over and we went out to pick up some food for supper. We also watched Madagascar- for relaxation factor- we danced at the end of it. Then I was all set to drive her and her bike home, but it didn't fit in my trunk- though it may have worked if we put it in handlebars first. But we didn't. She decided to bike home. (It's a little less muggy out now, and not so almost rainy!)

So, this weekend is a little busy- tonight I'm out for a bit of party. Then tomorrow I'm off to two barbeques. Fun stuff. Then I have to pack.

I'M GOING HOME SOON!! I'm more than just a little excited about it.

The plans for the summer include: Manitoba, New Brunswick and northern Ontario. Isn't that exciting? You'll have to ask me more about these later.

I need to get going...I'm on the phone with Peter...he says he's got some photos up on his website. I've gotta go see them! Talk to you later!

Friday, May 19, 2006 many forms

I'm excited!!

I even tried to *click my heels together* on the way home from school today. I wasn't all that sucessful, but I didn't fall flat on the ground either!

The reason for the excitement: I'm done with my homework for the school year--NO MORE PBL!
WOOHOO!!! (Only in first and second years of school do we have this problem based learning....though I truly will continue to learn in a similar fashion for who knows how long!)

Also- on Tuesday night I had my OSCE- Effie- this is a practical exam-hands on, etc. What a LONG night! We were to start at 7:30, or at least arrive then, and we didn't start til ~8:30, and went for 2 hours. LONG, LONG night! What this means, though, is I'm also done the PSD section of this course- skills development....and I have a little breathing room!

A little bit of excitement for the day:
Well, I was making supper (a cream of broccoli and beef + noodles meal) and Fiona ran down the stairs, after I had heard the phone ringing upstairs. I was checking her face for signs of bad news--none were there. Whew! (too many crazy things going on round here lately! Mary & Fiona in a car accident last weekend-both are fine, a scare about her grandma a little while back--Fiona running down the stairs doesn't always have a nice reason behind it!) What she came to tell me was that there was someone coming to check out the apartment, in about 5 minutes...We both made a scramble to clean up the place, at least a little, and I took my "finished" supper off the stove, served myself and said hello to the girl looking the place over. Well, the noodles weren't quite done, but I didn't crunch my way through them! Not that exciting a story, I know...told you is was just a bit of excitement! I can't ALWAYS have great tales to tell!

Here's a note to one of my good friends.

Johnny--have a good wedding tomorrow! All the best to you and Charleen! God bless your day and your wedded life!! HUGS!

Now...I ought to get back to more exam!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Raindrops keep fallin' on my head!

Just singin' in the Rain, singing in the rain! What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!

So today was a wet day. I brought my umbrella to and from school. Fun part was that on my way home the umbrella decided it would do better in parts. As in, I had the handle and the metal part in one hand and the dome-keep the water off you-part was on the ground. Not my idea of fun. Though, it wasn't raining so hard that I got soaked!

Then when I got home it fell apart again. This time, it took me a bit longer to fix, but I think it might just stay!

I love the sound of raindrops. I may even have to go for a stroll in the rain tonight...though it is starting to get dark...(or rather, it DID get dark while my back was turned and I was in the basement). Hmm...sounds like it will rain for a fair bit of the weekend, which means I'll get a chance to stroll in the rain soon, if not now!


Not sure if Mom will check this in time--but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (And to all you other mothers who check my website...this goes to you too!) I know it's a secular holiday, but I can still say I love my mom and thank her on a special day of the year (as well as every other day of the year too!)

HUGS to all moms!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some days

I know...I haven't posted in a while.

Some days don't seem to have time for posting, some days I feel like there's something I want to post about, and never get around to it and some days I just don't know what to post.

Today is a day where I don't know what to post. I would like to highly recommend that you visit the people linked on my page, as Kelly makes some wonderful observations, Effie inspires us with poetry--mmm chocolate, The homefiles-Cara weaves wonderful tails, I mean tales, Alex pushes you to think--which is a good thing and Jerrica tells us of fun bits of her life. I can't say if EDLYA is displaying any pictures of the last retreat yet. I should be getting some photos that I took on here and there soon.

Time dwindles...and yet passes too slowly or quickly....I'm not ready for the exams coming up, yet I don't want to know what I mean.

Peter was here for the weekend. We had a great time...I really liked having him here. (And now I know of a great afternoon-long walk we could go on if you'd like to come join me!) I think it took longer because we stopped to take pictures every 10 paces or so..heehe!

Gotta get back at my homework. Sigh...but it's not all that bad! Just over 2 weeks left!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More to celebrate!

It's my parent's anniversary today!!! Hooray!!

Just thought I'd drop a short line to say that I love my parents, and thank God for them!

(Busy day--must go!)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Peter
Happy Birthday tooooo you!

And God's blessings too!

Hey everyone, guess what today is? It's my brother's birthday. He's older than me...but not by much. I'm very excited, because the plan is to have him come here to spend the weekend! I still haven't figured out what all we're going to do/see here in Ottawa, our nation's capital, but if you have any ideas, let me know!!

I guess I should also mention that I got to see him on Saturday at the EDLYA retreat. That was a blast. He took some photos of me being an archer--I hope to get my hands on those soon, and I'll post them here.

The retreat was good. I enjoyed the speaker (on the topic of creation), the talent show--where I demonstrated my skills with um...pliers...and um...patients not fully under the anesthetic. I think that my nurse was having far too much fun --but that's ok! (We did a skit --so the audience could only see shadows, and we pulled randomly odd stuff out of James' belly *abdomen*. Odd things included a cup of tea--which I pretended to drink, a deck of cards, a few know...odd stuff. But it was a plug to get the youth out to EDLYA retreats--so there was also a fish with EDLYA written in it.) Also, there was good music, new friends made and lots of praising God. I'm sure going to miss EDLYA when my schedule starts decreasing the amount of time I have for such events!! (Hopefully that doesn't happen too soon!)

There are few things/books/articles that I'm going to have to get in my possession at some point. It would be good to have some of Creation Ministries' stuff up my sleeves.

In other news--looks like the trip to Manitoba is a go! I have a few more chunks of paperwork to get filled out, but other than that...I'm approved and ready to go.

One of my friends was sick, so I helped her with a very little bit of stuff yesterday--and today, she's feeling better and decided to thank me with a plateful of strawberries...mmmmm! Guess what I'm having for desert tonight! Thanks for your thoughtfulness! I really must go. I had hoped to get a bit of homework done this afternoon before heading out for choir. (I still have a little bit of time, so I'm going to try!!)

Talk to you all later!