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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

100 things about me

Wow! My Centenial post! I thought I'd do something a little bit special for me, and for you, my fellow wind-downers! My sister once did a "100 things about me" and I thought I'd follow suit. This post seemed the ideal time, even if I don't have the time, or enough stuff to jot down to get to 100 all at once! Complete!

1. I was in a bit of a snow-related accident yesterday. I'm fine, the car is mostly fine (drivable)! and I'm having fun playing phone tag with lots and lots of people!
2. According to a family member, I may be the first person EVER to have a car with a piercing...Atreyu has a hole in his bumper.
3. I'm an aunt to a sweet little girl....see photo!
4. I'm going to become a repeat aunt in June!! (Alex and Kelly are expecting!!)
5. I don't know if you know already- you may- I'm #5 of 6 kids in my family.
6. Five is my favourite number.

7. I get to have pizza for two meals today! Hunter pizza (meat-lovers like) and I dunno what type for supper!
8. I spent my valentines day, yesterday, at work helping make cupcakes, and then in the evening I watched a sappy movie with Melissa and dad.
9. My fish Finnegan died on Sunday. I'm mostly over it.
10. I had Finnegan, a Beta for over 3 years.
11. I was at an EDLYA retreat this weekend.
12. I enjoy EDLYA, and have been attending retreats for roughly 7 years. 13. I used to call grilled cheese sandwiches "girled cheese sandwiches"
14. There is a "man" living in the lighthouse on our front lawn-- hehe, or not!
15. My mom is in Edmonton visiting my sister right now.
16. I went to Edmonton in 1990 (I think).
17. I drove to Southern Manitoba last summer with my mom and then home on my own!
18. I'm wasting time right now. I find doing that fun sometimes!
19. As part of my wasting time I may go to Tim Hortons for a hot beverage.
20. I'm wearing a purple turtle neck right now.
21. It's chilly outside today- -30C with the windchill. I'm finding this a little cold.
22. Yesterday I ate a cupid-style salad for lunch. I had left my lunch at home!!
23. I've attended 3 Ottawa Senators games in my life- all in Ottawa, all won by the Sens.
24. I used to hate hockey
25. I lived with my brother Alex in St Catharines for 2 years and learned to like hockey
26. I helped make a jingle come alive this weekend.
27. I went to the gym yesterday
28. I have a free membership for the month--very handy!
29. I love chocolate
30. Today I was next door to a chocolate store--and I didn't WANT to go in...maybe I'm not well!
31. I ate chocolate yesterday---mmmm!!
32. I enjoy using my new digital camera
33. I have an errand to run before I got help out at Kids Night at the church tonight! (Every Thursday night while I'm at home!)
34. I often will only fill in ONE of those surveys that get sent around via email about once a year! 35. I have far too many email accounts
36. I have two God daughters, one 7 1/2 years old, one 7 weeks old (today).
37. I don't have internet at home, so I use what I can find.
38. I think I'm helping make potatoes to go with the roast beef for dinner tonight, and am wondering what else I should put with it.
39. I feel bad when things don't post right or people can't comment. Let me know- I'd like to help!
40. While growing up I went to 3 different public schools, but only 1 highschool.
41. I did my first Tai Chi last week
42. I shovelled the driveway (most of it) last night when I got home, around 9pm
43. I like snow (when it's not on the roads or sidewalks) and I may go snowshoeing this weekend 44. I have a bow and arrows that I occassionally use, but I'm not the greatest--snow archery is a bad idea- very easy to lose the arrows
45. When visiting my brother Peter in Nova Scotia in '05 we decided NOT to go on a coal mine tour. Give me a nickle or gold mine anyday!
46. Some day I'd like to get me a puppy (someday soonish)
47. I once had a cat, but he wasn't totally mine- and he was a crazy cat. I doubt I'll own a cat again
48. I like the colours green, yellow, blue, purple
49. Heavenly Hash is my favourite icecream
50. I was supposed to make brownies this evening for the weekend, but now the weekend activity is cancelled. I may make them anyway!
51. I helped ice cupcakes this week. Carrot ones, with cream cheese icing. WOW, is that stuff DANGEROUSLY yummy
52. I play the trumpet, though it's been a while
53. Last summer I was in 5 different provinces
54. My shoe size- 7 or 7 1/2
55. I need to be somewhere in 20 minutes
56. I am driving a rental car right now. The first rental car I did- I hit a skunk. ON MY BIRTHDAY
57. Somedays I'm forgetful- good thing I have some very forgiving friends and family
58. I made pancakes for supper last night
59. I was able to correctly identify the three toed sloth last night on a nature show
60. My next vacation time- April
61. I got my ears pierced at age 13
62. I've never been to Boston in the fall-- but I have been to Boston
63. Today (Feb 21) is my brother's birthday- also an uncle's bday and a highschool teacher's bday as well.

64. I'd like to go to Australia some day
65. I'm going to Ash Wednesday service tonight (Feb 21)
66. I enjoy washing dishes
67. I'm noticing the time line is getting all mixed up...confusing. Hopefully I'll remedy that with dates from here on in.
68. For some reason I like smaller noodles than spaghetti-- don't ask me why!
69. I've been asked, in the past, to say whether I like sunrises or sunsets better, and I can't say as either is better--they are both beautiful
70. I like twilight because the world turns blue
71. I enjoy elephants, zebras, dogs, monkeys (at times) and many other creatures
72. I have lots of teddy bears, some with names- Stephen and Andrew were the favourites
73. I have a stuffed Odie
74. I used to love reading Garfield
75. I'm heading home now to make supper.
76. (Fri Feb 23) Yesterday I met up with a "healthy choice" vending machine. It didn't claim to be one, but every time I tried to select the obviously available "bad choices" ie. mars bar, crunchie bar, it told me to make another selection. I ended up with a bag of chips-- slightly healthier, but as I had been wanting CHOCOLATE, the sour cream and onion chips didn't suffice and I didn't snack at all.
77. I had an incident once, when I was younger, with a sandbox lid and my face--it ended up with me having stiches, and a scar that helps me have a dimple
78. I have a cabbage patch doll, dark skinned, whose name is Heather. I really liked her when I was younger, my sisters and I had crash suits that our dolls wore so that they would be fine should they fall off the bed while we were sleeping.
79. I believe I had to eat cabbage for a month (every time mom had it with a meal) before I was able to get Heather
80. I've lived with a real live Heather-- when I went to Brock University, in St Catharines (in my 4th year)
81. I like to sing, and am usually in choir
82. I played in band, orchestra and a jazz band while in highschool
83. Have I mentioned this yet??? I have two exams next week
84. I met a dog in the office today- Grace is nice!
85. I enjoy reading about heretic slapping with my brother Alex
86. I enjoy viewing the wonderful pictures taken by my brother Peter
87. I enjoy reading about my sister Effie and her family goings ons
88. I enjoy reading Kelly's insights, and looking at her wonderful artwork!
89. There are many other sites of friends and family that I like to visit! See blogroll-- I really need to update that at some point!
90. I head back to Ottawa on Thursday
91. My car is getting fixed. Last I heard his parts were in
92. I'm planning on visiting with my grandparents this weekend, and with my Godmother and Goddaughter Anna
93. I weighed my purse the other day-- it was roughly 1 kg
94. I might be going out bowling tomorrow depending
95. I like to bowl-- usually 5 pin, and my goal is ALWAYS to get above 50, and if I do that- to aim for 100. I usually do get toward the 100 goal
96. I got my umbrella (the somewhat tricky thing that it is) way back in 1997 or something like Montreal. It's lasted well
97. I also bought some shoes that trip- from a store in the subway station in Montreal
98. Sometimes I wear socks to bed- generally in the winter, if my pjs don't have long pants
99. One time, my dad, sister and I walked out onto Georgian Bay (on thick ice) to the island that appeared a few (between 5-10) years ago. It was a fun, but longer than expected trek
100. I look forward to having a family of my own--really would like kids of my own, and can hardly wait for all the pieces to fall into place when God decides it's time.
WOO HOO! I DID IT! (And so did you, reading through all of that!)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still around

Hi Everyone!

I've been quiet for a little while, haven't I? That's partially because I'm home (or near home) and have had little access to the internet. I don't think I've even checked all my emails since last Thursday!

I'm enjoying the work I'm doing right now, the great people I'm getting to work with in Collingwood.

There's lots of snow--who knows, I may be able to post a picture or two at some point!

Wishful thinking has me hoping to go to the EDLYA retreat this weekend, though it's all weather dependent!

Hugs to all...I'm going to bundle up and head across town to meet up with mom and dad for Kids Night.