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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Monday, September 02, 2013

September is here again

This year is flying by. I don't quite know where it is going, but all the fun things to look forward to keep coming and happening and being sometime back there.

I have enjoyed many fun visitors this year. The months of June, July and August seem to have flown- with family here, pre wedding fun with Ashley and the wedding and VBS along with work.

I don't seem to take the time to write out my thoughts here so much anymore. Maybe I've found other milieus in which to "wind down", however, I do hope to pop in here from time to time. See how this edge of blogland is doing/going etc.

One or two pictures from the fun this summer- so far! Then I'll be off. Labour day is nearly gone and with it- back to fun of to school for some. Enjoy. Hope to see you back here again soon.


Shoe shot!

At wye marsh