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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hiding places

I've seen some fun hiding places, but tonight I finally found Courtlands main toy depot. I don't think she was all that happy with it, as she has been batting at a toy there for a while- I know, because I could hear it. The jingly bell on a stick. Whoever came up with that sure knows cats.

Or as Peter would say, my dog.

She's very good at playing fetch. I can toss any number of items and she will race across the room, or down the stairs to retrieve it. I do enjoy hearing her scurry to get her toys. I think I need a puppy.

Back to that hiding place. Under a tall bookshelf in my "office" is a small space. She can reach under the bookshelf, but obviously not far enough. Tonight, when I heard the dingle, I decided to help her by pulling it out. In the process of swishing a long stick under the shelf in the deep, dark hole to get it I discovered 2 springs, 4 scrunchy balls and the dingle bell on a stick. There may have been something else, but I can't remember. She's already dispersed them around the house. Off she goes "fetching" again.

I also had a child hide at work for me this week. That's always fun. She was very proud of her hiding place.

My little buddy A is moving soon. He's my next best hider. He hides lots of fun places, even in his dog's crate at times. I've enjoyed watching him grow and look forward to spending time with him online and hopefully getting out to SK to visit.

Soon spring will be here, and the snow has been melting for the past two weeks to prove it. I'm amazed at the amount of snow still here with 2 weeks of warmer weather and rain, but when you've got as much as we did this winter, it takes a while. I will share photos with you once I retrieve my camera, which fell out of it's case into Allison's backseat this afternoon. I've got some fun ones! I wont try to think about the fact that I saw some snow falling earlier this evening, I wont!

Hugs to all! I may go hide now...under some cozy blankets! It's been a long week!