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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Routine can be a good thing.

It can also be a bad thing. I'll explain:

Last night, I set up my night stand so I'd have my alarm clock handy as well as my bible and devotion book. Then, after devotions, I got out of bed, turned off the light and climbed into bed.

Routine woke me up around 7am. My alarm did not. It was a blank screen staring at me. Turning of the light (a lamp) had also turned the power off of the alarm clock. I would have been rather late getting up if I had relied on listening for the radio to come on!!

What routines do you find the most fun? (Other than dance/skating ones of course!! Heehee!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Or something has been interfering with my laundry. Yesterday I managed to get my laundry done, and somehow the drier (fed money regularly at the 1 hr point) decided it wasn't so hungry and gave me 2hr for the price of one. Then later on, as the time drew near to laundry room lock down, I had the urge to go grab my laundry, though the drier was not yet at 1hr. I pushed the thought aside and ten minutes later set out. The laundry room was locked, drier still going, and my laundry held captive til 8am this morning when I rescued it.

Today after church I came home and decided to be a lazy oaf. I guess I haven't been entirely lazy as I have unpacked winter stuff and started packing for PEI, made myself a substantial dinner and unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher and have done some dishes otherwise. I also have been trying to empty out my fridge so I don't come home to a scary, scary sight in four weeks. (Mmmm using up icecream~ milkshake anyone?) Speaking of scary sights- while unpacking my winter stuff I came across a bag. I thought nothing of it, maybe it was my skates. I looked in and there was this matted-looking black furry creature. I almost screamed. What could it be? I don't own a fur coat or shawl...I was almost too scared to put my hand in the bag. I did, it was just my fake furry boots, squashed beyond recognition. I took them out of the bag before plunking them in the closet. I didn't want to go through that again!!

It's a lovely day, but I'm not outside. (I think that's why I feel the oaf-ness still applies).
What would you do if you had blue skies, 25-30 C temps and were scared of more mosquito bites??

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I don't really want to pack again

I know some of you know exactly what I mean.

This year I've packed many, many times. Packing to go places for 4 weeks or more at a time can be difficult. Seasons can change in that amount of time. I don't have enough clothes to last me that long, so I have to figure out how I can do laundry where ever I end up. (Point in fact- I don't know where I'm sleeping starting Tuesday night.)

I will be in PEI for 4 weeks. I'm looking forward to it, but am also unsure of a lot of things. I've been told over and over how lovely PEI is in September- so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Just don't know what sort of free time I'll have to enjoy getting out and about. We'll have to see.

I will be bringing my slowly retiring computer with me, in case there happens to be internet access where I stay. I hope so. 4 weeks is a long time to be internet-less.

My place is quickly looking like a home. Yup, just when I'm getting ready to leave. I've already lent out my plants, and will soon be loaning my fish (Mr Knightly) to a friend to watch and feed, so I don't have to try to transport him across an ocean. (Or just a bit of it).

I had my parents to visit last weekend. It was a nice visit. We went to Hopewell rocks, (pictures another time), the market, lots and lots of stores (in order to find chairs to match my dining room table--Mom and Dad- we did an amazing job!), and on Monday I golfed with Dad. Now, I must let you in on a secret. Having only golfed once before in my life, and that being a best ball game, it was interesting. The mosquitoes were much more successful than I was!

Mom and Dad are safely back in Ontario. At my cousin Joe's wedding, if all is going well. Happy wedding day Joe and Sarah! Rebecca made it out to BC. Hope all is well for you chicky! Peter is back in NS- hopefully I'll get to see him soon.

My little niece out in Manitoba is walking! Go little A, go! My little nieces in Hamilton are growing and changing. It's hard being far from home and visits. (Though my phone helps me visit people!!)

Anyone up for a chat??

Monday, August 04, 2008

A fun weekend

And with all fun weekends, especially ones that include cutie-pies like my nieces, there are photos!!


Happy Birthday Rebecca (belated), Happy Anniversary Alex and Kelly #4 (belated) Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa #58 (belated) Happy Baptismal Birthday Nadine!!!

My flights to and from Hamilton were good. I really enjoyed spoiling my nieces this weekend. Swimming with Katrina was fun. Snuggling with Katrina and at other times with Nadine was GREAT!