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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I think it's time

Time for a post! Yes, it has been months since I last posted. I don't have excuses like some of the other bloggers I know, whose families have grown and gotten busy. I probably shouldn't try to make any either!

Today was a very warm day hiding in the early part of November. Warm enough to wander around in shirt sleeves, to set aside the winter jacket, to think about all the out of doors things I could be doing...and didn't do.  I did get to tidy my house a bit before the family members popped in to check it out. I also got 2 loads of laundry done. Should have spent more time out time.

Today was a day to celebrate with one good friend a happy 90th birthday! It was also a day to remember, and thank all our vetrans and those who died to permit peace for us.

As it's been a while- I think a couple pictures are due.

 For Remembrance Day
Fall - the leaves fell.
 Thanks to Sandy- a few waves on the bay
The moon about sunset time.
Hopefully I'll be back sooner next time!