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Monday, April 30, 2007

Some more photos...

You know I can't resist. I love taking photos. They aren't always amazing. Actually, they are almost NEVER as amazing as anything my brother Peter takes...but I digress.

I had some fun taking photos while I was on vacation. You've seen some of them. You will see more of them, now and later on, as I pull them out slowly to share with you the fun I had.

Here's Katrina- and I believe she's saying her favourite saying (for the moment) "And goo and goo and goo and goo" to me. It can go on and on. And she can say it happily or with frustration (see the furrowed brow). It's quite fun! And goofy. And the best part is making her giggle thereafter!

And here's the "Go SENS Go!" picture

I also had fun in Edmonton- here's Bec and I in the West Edmonton Mall.

I stopped to take a photo or two while on my way back to Ottawa. I'd like anyone who knows to try to identify the location of this!

I must bed is calling, and I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ah- the joys of traveling!

This morning I write, from my cousin's house. From their laptop. And have a dog to play with. I've never tried typing while playing fetch before--it can be interesting!!

I made it safely back to Ontario. I don't know if my body is terribly happy with being up this early in the morning--thanks Bec, for all that sleeping in!-- but it will just have to deal with it. I don't think this dog would act as a very good alarm for me if I were to close my eyes right now....

First flight was short- but had too much turbulence, made me nauseous, and worried about the second flight of the day- it was ok though!

I think I was on the flight with the most children on it, ever! (tosses the rope-bone) There were at least 4 babies (ie under the age of 1) and 3 or 4 in the toddler age group and a few a little older too. I didn't mind. The crying wasn't bad, (I didn't have a headache to be aggravated by it) and the cutest and best behaved was sitting in the seats ahead of us- all this baby did was occassionally stand holding the head rest and smile at us!

Thank you again, Bec, for the wonderful time you spent with me in Edmonton. I'll miss not being able to pester you, or contact you in the evening! Hehe!

I'm going to get going- I'm off to see Effie again, and her cute little Katrina too! Then I'm off home-- home?! is that possible?! was that included in my travel-plans? I suppose it must have been.

Thanks to everyone who loaned me a spot to sleep and your time and company! I had a great trip!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Those were MIGHTY BIG mosquitos I saw this evening. They were rather scary. I managed to stop one from eating Janelle. I think that made her happy. I am rather glad the mosquitos we have in Ontario are not nearly this big-- though the bigness makes them easier to spot and swat!

I think that's it for now--I hope to avoid those creatures on the walk back to Bec's place!

In and around Edmonton

So from what I hear, I've been to South, West and East Edmonton...and am currently slightly North. Such fun!

Yesterday Bec and I went to the West Edmonton mall. We spent hours there and hours on the bus getting to and fro. I enjoyed my time there (yes- Naomi did say she enjoyed shopping). I think it is because I was able to share and try things on with someone. I often go shopping alone in Ottawa- which, I admit, is a little sad. I think Fiona said I'm not allowed to go shopping with her anymore- I let her spend too much money! (Somewhat true- I suppose, but then, I spend too much as well!) I found some fun wool- and have been knitting with it- I also bought some
knitting needles- in a larger size.

So here in Edmonton I have so far bought mostly food and clothes. Not all for me either.

We've had some fun- I ate at Bacon yesterday and also at Opa. Then today for lunch Rebecca and I actually ate food from Rebecca's fridge/freezer. Crazy, I know. Then we went out with Nessa and drank beverages from second cup and played scrabble. I won one game.

This evening will consist of going to another of Rebecca's friends' places. (We've been in and out of many of them so far!) I believe it's for dinner, then home for a movie and extra luggage packing. Aren't I lucky, to be bringing Rebecca's stuff home?!

Bec bought a dress. It's not this colour- but it's also not green or brown. (I actually helped her buy something NOT in one of those colours).

I am flying out tomorrow...Sad to say that the trip to Edmonton is over. (Though it's not yet, just will soon be!) I'll miss Bec. I'm glad I made plans to come out here though.

I have been spending some great time with some kiddies-- here are some pics.

Off I go now!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The futon

A wonderful invention. I've been sleeping on them off and on for years. Often it's the matress of choice as a visitor to some places- but this week it seems to be THE choice. My travels have had me sleeping at 6 different places so far (in just over a week)- and the last three (in three nights)have been on futons. (The first real bed shouldn't count as it was at home- my own bed). All three were comfortable. The other two beds- a pullout couch and a spare room bed. I've had some great nights sleep-- and some early rising. Thanks for sharing your futons!!

Futons are flexible- while moving one for me the first night- we had it curving around the corner, and they work as comfortable couches too!

It has also been a great vacation for visiting sisters (sorry to my brothers-- can't do everything all at once- we're too spread out across the country!). I stayed with my "adopted" sister Pol and her husband for a few days and helped them move- that went well- but I really don't like attics; I spent Friday evening with my sister Tracey at Pol and Kirk's house- and Saturday too, as we were packing things up together, then I was able to spend the evening at Tracey's place. Then yesterday I was at effie's place and spent some great time with her and Katrina and then I flew to Edmonton where I am now, spending time with my sister Rebecca. She's actually writing an exam as I sit here, so I have plenty of time to type (for a change).

Here in Edmonton we're going to putter around, and I'll likely meet a whole bunch of Bec's friends. I have no idea what I'm doing once back in Ottawa- but I get to spend some time at home before heading back.

It's not been a whirlwind tour, not really- but as most people say- I may need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation!

I hope to hear from you soon-- anyone like sleeping on futons?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A traveling vacation

Some of my classmates are off to exotic, I'm stopping off in great places like: Varney, Chatham, London, Hamilton, and Edmonton...with a possible stop off in Manitoba, if I can swing it. Traveling in and around Canada can be fun. It's not a very spring-flower-full trip thus far, more snow seen than flowers....but I wasn't planning it to see flowers, but to see family and friends.

I was playing in a soon-to-be-moved-into house today. It's made a lot of progress from how it started (I saw pictures), but there's lots of work left to be done. Aren't I lucky to be able to help with the packing and the moving?? Such fun!!

Last night I got to play on a Wii-- never done that before- it was fun and funny. I got to bowl in the livingroom. The boxing I wasn't the greatest at--maybe I should have warned my friends who are moving this weekend...heehee!

I found a cd of a favourite LP from my childhood-- the Last Unicorn by the Irish Rovers-- ah, such a fun album!! I'm glad not everything was packed up yet!

I was relaxing this last little while, watching favourite childhood movies too, and this week watched Pete's Dragon and Ella Enchanted- last week I also watched Cinderella. Good thing I'm not growing up or anything! There are some things (especially musicals) that I will always love!

Katrina could dance, Katrina could sing, Katrina could do most anything....I may have to get my little Katrina some shoes of wood-- though the whole song doesn't ring true--I'm not saying anything that might be taken the wrong way, effie, but I've always loved that song!

I think I must be dancing on my way- there are many other things waiting to come off the walls and into boxes here in this room. (I don't plan on DANCING them off the wall though).

Let me know what you've been up to--it's been a while!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So I missed it...doesn't mean everyone did!


I mentioned that April Fools passed me by...well someone caught on! April Fools!

I thought that was cute, so I thought I'd share!

Speaking of sister Bec gets to share her place with me soon! Also, my parents get to share their house with me in a matter of days. And I've been offered a nights sleep share at my aunt's house. I have a nice sharing family. And Effie said she may even share her little cutie Katrina with me for a bit during my TWO WEEK HOLIDAY!!! Woohoo! I can't wait! (It all starts tomorrow-- but as I have a tonne of work piled up for myself tomorrow, the holiday may not start all too soon tomorrow-- but it will still start TOMORROW!

Hugs to you all. I may not get to blog while I'm running around, but I'll probably come up with some fun stuff to blog about!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter

He is Risen! He is Risen INDEED!

I know, it's still Good Friday- but truth be told, He has risen--it's even been a few years!

I thought I would share this hymn with you as my Easter wishes to you all.

O Perfect Life of Love

O perfect life of love!
All, all, is finished now,
All that He left His throne above
To do for us below.

No work is left undone
Of all the Father willed;
His toil, His sorrows, one by one,
The Scriptures have fulfilled.

No pain that we can share
But He has felt its smart;
All forms of human grief and care
Have pierced that tender heart.

And on His thorn-crowned head
And on His sinless soul
Our sins in all their guilt were laid
That He might make us whole.

In perfect love He dies;
For me He dies, for me.
O all-atoning Sacrifice,
I cling by faith to Thee.

In ev'ry time of need,
Before the judgment throne,
Thy work, O Lamb of God, I'll plead,
Thy merits, not mine own.

Yet work, O Lord, in me
As Thou for me hast wrought;
And let my love the answer be
To grace Thy love has brought.

(Text Henry W Baker, LSB: 452)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's April

Or so the calandar says. I learned just a few days ago why the first is considered April Fools. Ask me about it sometime. Also, belated happy birthday to Melanie- and also Selay. Melanie-- if you read this, email me!!! You know the address-- first initial, last name at hotmail.

No jokes this year. I was too tired, and there were extra people in the house and I went to a wake...not good times to play jokes.

I was tagged. By Effie. She seems to be the person to do that to me, so here goes.

Here are the rules:
1. get tagged (
Effie did that!)
2. list five things that have not been revealed on your blog
3. tag five others (see below!)

So-- here goes.

1) I have an interesting collection of postcards on my wall. From 4 different countries...none of which I've been to (as they are across oceans)
2) My laundry days are Monday and Tuesday
3) I have a large stash of chocolate in my room that will not be touched until after Easter, when my roomies can share (having given up chocolate for lent I couldn't very well eat this in front of them, plus, there's too much for me to eat on my own, and an open bag is far too tempting).
4) Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing some pleasure reading. Two whole novels!! Betty Neels...such fun
5) I'm not able to go home for Easter. I wish I could. Everyone who can, should. Also, I'm going to be spending my first Easter in Ottawa, getting to worship with my "family" at St Luke

Oh, now here's the tough part..tagging FIVE people.... please, feel free to disregard my tag!!
Jerrica, Cara, Jo Ho, Alex, and um...Kelly-- and she can do it but once for both taggings!

Wow. People-- let me know if you want to be added to my blogroll-- I obviously need more friends on there!! (If you have a blog, let me know. I'll wander by, honestly!!)