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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why is it always so simple?


Guess what? I'm typing this out on my new computer. (Need to set up a desk chair yet, as having a "real" computer (instead of a laptop) means that my stool has me sitting too high for the keyboard.) I will likely also have to get myself an adapter or a new printer, as my old printer (which has been my friend for 6-7 years) doesn't have a USB connection.

The question of the day is: why is it always so simple? I mean, I set up the computer, no problems there, I connected everything that needed connecting, but the internet didn't work. So I read through troubleshooting files, released my ip connection, renewed it...NOTHING. I turned off and on the modem. NOTHING.

This morning, I was ready to call in the big help. I told them what was going on. What I had tried. Guess what he said. "Try unplugging the modem for 10 seconds and replugging it in". It worked. Why??? Why would I even think to unplug and replug something that is running? Why didn't turning it off and back on again do anything? Why was the answer so simple?

Now, the fun thing is, I have a web cam. Not planning on using it now...I worked overnight and am not the prettiest sight in the world. However, I have found that it's a fun little toy, and will likely try to play and see family here, there, and everywhere via this new toy that I have up and running!

(Oh yeah, I'm getting used to my new far so good, but there are some issues with placement of some keys etc.)

Hope this finds you well. I'm going to go and assemble my new desk chair. It's blue.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home again


I'm home. I had a great trip. Got to see the WHOLE family (and yes, I'll share pictures, have no fear.) Threw a shower for Rebecca (and so did God- that day it POURED). We had fun. Snuggled with all three of my nieces. Snuggled with my two God daughters. Met and enjoyed much fun with my brother-in-law to be.

I also threw snowballs, slid down a snow hill and bought part of a bridesmaids dress. (not at the same time). The snow was from a slow melting huge pile of snow/ice in the woods by the river.

Today's flight was fun. I have never giggled on a plane like that before. Comments were made like: "Welcome onboard for flight ### on route to Honolulu....oops, sorry, but if I were flying we would be going to Honolulu, not that you'd want me to fly this plane."... "no smoking...those found smoking on board will be asked/forced to leave immediately"... "those on the right side of the plane can look out and see Niagara falls" (I was on the right- and caught a photo). "those on the right side must have paid a lot for their tickets- you can see a 747 flying below us if you look out the right side now" (Then the left side got to see another 747 shortly thereafter). As a parting song, to which was noted that if we didn't applaud the door wouldn't open, we had this "You love us, we love you....insert airline name in the song... if you marry one of us you'll get free flights..." . Such fun! I hope my future flights are as much fun!

Now, off to the fun of unpacking!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Out west

Well, not as far west as my last vacation, but that's ok. I'll get to see Rebecca this vacation too, God willing!

I'm playing at Alex and Kelly's place. Their little girl is such fun! And Kelly's baby-belly is a very nice size. Baby was dancing for us (visible across the room) last night!

I'm really enjoying my time here. Today we're driving back up to Winnipeg for a bit, mostly to drop off the rental car I got so I could arrive at Kelly and Alex's place before Alex got back from convention.

Spring is being slow to arrive here. It's been overcast, not so much fun for playing out of doors, but yesterday Kelly and little girl and I went out on a few expeditions in the car.

I've made it through 2 of the books in my to be read list-for fun. WOOHOO. Slowly but surely it should dwindle.

Talk to you again soon!
Hi! from little girl.