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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pancakes for breakfast

Hi Everyone!

Can you guess what I ate for breakfast? If you guessed're right! But I also had pancakes! (That was an easy way to have blueberry pancakes!!) I was thinking of adding a banana to the mix, but with the mix fully stirred I turned away to grab the banana and the whisk fell to the floor. What a mess. (I REALLY don't like having a carpeted kitchen!) I cleaned that up and decided that I'd have no bananas today!

The pancakes were yummy. I didn't really do this to empty the house of I guess it was slightly silly...but then again, so am I!

I usually don't have time to spend an hour with making, eating and clearing up after breakfast. I really enjoyed not starting classes til noon for a change. Everyone in class seemed more all starts soon guys!! Clerkship will have us rolling out of bed much earlier than our usual start with 8:30 classes.

The rest of the day went pretty well. Our practical class of the afternoon brought up some difficult issues. I wanted to cry at times.

Lent begins tomorrow. I dont' think I'm giving anything up...but we'll see! I may give up! Don't worry. I'm just teasing. It's the only way I keep in touch with some people...I'd miss you too much!

I'm off. Please, if you do stop by, hit the comment button and add one...I like to hear from you too!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fun happenings...

So yesterday I experianced my second earthquake. It was 4.5 on the Richter scale, which is of the magnitude that is often felt but rarely causes damage. We were just about to sit down to dessert around 8:40ish. After this, I had the song "I feel the earth move under my feet" running through my head for quite a while. (Went out to the movies to see 8 below--a very good movie-- shortly after this and told those with me...they were worried that I had this going through my head before the earthquake, and that I should always warn people when that song runs through my head...but it was in response to the earthquake, not before. Don't worry!)

Earlier today I watched the women's 5000m speedskating and tuned in just in time to watch our Canadian women's heats and watch them get Gold and Bronze. Hooray!!

Then just now Effie called and first thing she said was..."What do you do after you've caught your thumb in a mousetrap?" She then went on to explain that while cleaning/reorganizing the pantry she came across an unused mousetrap. She then went on to set it, but wasn't sure if she set it correctly so she touched it! Crazy girl. She said that she touched it just on the side because she wanted to be able to pull her hand away in time but "those things snap very fast!".

Quote of the day: courtesy of Effie--"My pantry is my happy place".

So... I think that about sums up the excitement of the past 24 hours. Talk to you all later!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Some things new, and some things interesting

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finally managed to get Alex and Kelly's stuff in the mail--Alex and Kelly, you'll have to figure out who gets what, though the wrapped bit was initially chosen for Alex. and I got to walk and walk and walk. Such fun! I really do enjoy a good walk. That happened a lot yesterday, and then I got to walk Nika today. She's the poochie that lives upstairs. A great, lap loving dog.

Yesterday I came across something that reminded me of a poem ( re-reminded me). You know how the Raven said "Never more"? Well around here, we have no Raven's (though if you're looking for them, just go to Timmins!) but we sure have lots and lots of crows. I heard one that sounded like it was saying "Oh well". (On two separate occasions, hence the re-reminded). I listened to it say it more than once. And Anusha heard it too!

Also yesterday, while doing a community health elective, I learned a bit of Swahili. I was also surrounded by it for a bit, but that doesn't mean I caught on to it! I was, however, able to tell that they were no longer speaking French! Go advanced french class, go! I learned how to say Thank you very much--and if you read it right/ pronounce it right, you'll be able to recognize it as being used in The Lion King. Asante sana. I thought that was neat!

I've been spending far too much time on msn lately. Sigh...some day I'll curb my use.

If you enjoy reading, check out: The Wednesday story, specifically. Please go back through the archives and find where it begins! It's better that way! I'm mostly positive this one is her very own. I really am enjoying it!

I think that's about it for now. Oh yeah, how bout we end this off with a picture of me from yesterday? The hair continues to grow!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to ALEX!

Happy Birthday buddy...I'm getting ready for class to start, so this will be short (ie, see below for the song that you know and love to hear on this day!!)

God bless!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


So I was playing with photos this weekend.
Here are some samples for you!

EDLYA retreat

I loved The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe! Great movie! A gotta-see! first ever Black-forest cake. Made for a European style dinner...mmmm

Oh, and I dealt with the links issue. At some point I'll add more. For now, what you see is what you get. I'm tired! (Bold = webpage, Italics = blog!)

Good night to all! Hope you had a good weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekend....plans etc.

Hi everyone.

Here's a short note to wish you a happy weekend. Looks like I'll be skating on the Rideau again, and possibly finally getting out to see the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I'm looking forward to it.

Another thing I might start doing this weekend is trying to figure out how to put links on this site...anyone want to help me? Plus I'm hoping to start doing some research.....looking at getting a car sooner or later!!

Today in our classes we had lawyer joke sessions, and it looks like we'll be having some audience participation. I'll let you know later how it goes. Class is going to start...I must go!

If you're travelling this weekend, please take in Ottawa they're salting the roads in preparation of a flash freeze, looks messy!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day


Here's a hug to you, and best wishes too. I spent most of my day sitting in class...then a bit not getting to watch a chick-flick, but watched a fun episode of tv, when I wasn't on the phone with my brother, but that's ok. I would have been up far too late, considering the amount of sleep I got this weekend! I'll have to save the movie for another time.

The EDLYA retreat was great. I really enjoyed letting my hair down...teehee...and exploring multicultural ideas of worship etc. I generally get to see a lot of multicultural things around me daily, but that's just life! (Don't get to throw nearly enough snowballs at people around here, or go tobogganing nearly enough, so I'm glad we got to do some of that in southern Ontario this weekend.)

Tomorrow, if the weather and ice hold out, I'll be going skating on the Rideau Canal. Here's hoping we have a great time! I'll bring my camera, and then I can get some of the retreat photos off sooner than later too!

I hope your Valentines was great. I personally don't have a valentine, but I try to enjoy myself nonetheless! (Chocolate helps...teehee!)

I'll be back with more fun sometime soon!

Friday, February 10, 2006


So that's over!

I just got home from writing an exam. It went pretty well. I didn't know everything, but then again, no one knows everything about the brain!

So a few interesting things occured in the lab exam. First of all, if you get queasy easily, you may want to skip to the next paragraph! So, yes. At one point, while waiting for the buzzer to go (bell-ringers, gotta love them!) I glanced up and noticed that off in one corner was a group of skeletons. Then I got to thinking that they looked rather like an army...or soldiers, and kinda mean at that (one was missing his two front teeth). It made me want to laugh, but I thought that would be odd for a lab exam, so I just grinned. And grinned broadly. know when songs just enter your head...and then stay there. Well...someone must have been praying, cause all of a sudden "How great thou art" was filling my head. This too made me smile. Must have made some of the other people in the exam think I was crazy, but that's ok. We'll get to work on me next's psych!

I'm off for the weekend! Enjoy yourselves. I wish I could see you at EDLYA!



Thursday, February 09, 2006


'Tis fun, n'est ce pas?

I seem to be rather good at it, seeing as I'm blogging instead of studying! But there was at least one good reason to blog instead of study, for a moment at least. To wish Kelly a Happy Birthday.

SING with me now ...ahem
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday tooooo yououououu!
And God's blessings too!

I hope you have a great day!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

I Guess!?

I don't know that this is really home, but I'll play here for a while at least!

So, here I am. Typing on my very own blog. I guess I was bit by the blogging bug when I guest blogged on Effie's blog. I also enjoy reading other family member's blogs ie: Kelly

Effie is teaching me lots! Hopefully this will go well, and I'll be able to keep up with at least weekly postings.

So, some people call me Baldy...that's only because I'm bald! I shaved my head recently for childhood cancer research. I'm at two weeks growth now. You can call me baldy if you insist, but I must say, I prefer Naomi.

I'll be working on this blog very little for the next week, because I have an exam coming up...and will be studying like crazy for it for a while.

I'll see you all later!