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Hmm...what is this all about, really? It's me jotting down ideas about things that go on in my life, and some occassional pictures of things I've seen and done.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

This week in pictures

I honestly don't have a picture for each day of the week, but I thought I'd share some photos with you. First- baptism photos!
Last Sunday:

This is a closer up picture of Katrina and her outfit, made by her proud Grandma:

And I have lots more of Katrina's special day!
The puppy was playing with odd things- one of her favourite toys- plactic bottles!!:
Then this week, I had some friends over for tea. (No tea-cup photos!) Friday night Terra and I went out to the Terra Grill for supper. MMM! It was good. Then yesterday I went out for breakfast at Andy's place- a classmate, he had a bunch of us over, made us GREAT omlettes and then we went skating on the Canal. It was a little chilly. In the -20s with the windchill. Here's us:

There was only a small section open, hence the fence!!

Tonight I'm going out for dinner to celebrate some birthdays- but I don't think these individuals want their photos up. Who knows, I'll ask!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Gone bananas!


Maybe not! But bananas seem to have played a fun role in this weekend! Banana pancakes on Saturday (for breakfast), a real live banana with breakfast on Sunday and a banana nut muffin to help me as I drove back to Ottawa.

Where, you ask, was I driving from? Well, on Friday, I drove to Hamilton, so on Sunday I had to return.

The trip there had me doing a double take!! What comes to your mind when you see a hearse with a canoe on top??? Do all hearses have lights on their sides? (What a happy topic!) Are the fancy side lights only on when they have occupants?? (I saw more than one hearse as I drove to Hamilton!!) Thoughts that jumped through my head: Wow! The hearse as a family vehicle! or Someone's off to a watery grave.

I also traveled near a limo- quuuiiiittteee stretched, it was! I have no clue who may have been riding in it, but I always like to speculate!

The reason for the trip to Hamilton-- to see my niece get baptised. She joined God's family yesterday morning, and her uncle Peter and I were her sponsors. Depending on what effie says, I may post pictures.

Peter flew in, and I drove, and we got to spend a goodly amount of time with Katrina and effie and her hubby! Such fun! The great grandparents were able to be there for the baptism, as were other family members.

It was hard to drive away yesterday-- I could feel myself making some Katrina-esque faces (baby scrunching up face when about to bawl) as I tried NOT to cry as I drove off. I must have been a sight!!

More later-- I have things to do, places to go!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow and cold and...


Winter has come. I've enjoyed the cold. It was a nice change. I'm also glad to report that Atreyu is able to start up (without help) in -25 C weather!

The reason I had to post is this. On Monday night, after the snow finished falling, I was walking home from the school. It was gorgeous! The field was all bright because of the whiteness of the snow.

The snow was 6-8 inches deep in places and was VERY fluffy. As I walked, I looked around at the beautiful, crisp white field and couldn't help but think- "Wow, my dad really taught me well! I feel that I should run around the whole field and disturb that whiteness" I think it was just one of the ways he knew if we'd been out to play that day- but I still can't resist a clean white expanse of snow! (At home, we had a day like that, and our backyard was left pristine! No dog tracks, no tromping made me sad- the lack of doggie-ness, I mean. The pure whiteness just attempted to draw me out!)

Thought I'd share with you what my hair MIGHT look like, if you see me soon (but I doubt it-- I don't have all the fancy salon-type stuff, nor do I spend much time on my hair...) Enjoy!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Aunt Naomi's brag post...

I've been given permission to put one picture of my darling niece on the web...and it's got me in it too!!

Don't worry-- I'll be sharing more, but more likely in person!! Ask- I may send you some if you know I wont see you anytime soon!!

I'm back in Ottawa- new hair style-- maybe I'll take a pic of it for you with my fancy new camera!!!

Talk at you all soon!