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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Baby stuff.... I was wandering down the hall, mid "mall" and saw the cutest baby stuff. I'm interested because my sister effie is expecting, and we're all excited!! When I saw these cute _____ coloured outfits, I was VERY tempted to buy one, or more. They are on sale!! I'll have to think about the purchase! Here's a Pat for the Baby!! *pat*

Hugs to all.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I've been tagged!

Hi and hello to everyone.

This weekend I'm trying to catch up on a few things, sleep, reading, replying, actually following through with tags that I've received...ya know! But please, don't skip my post on telling me you're out there. I'd really like to see you on my blog.

But about life: it's going well. I can get up early in the morning and drive across town, get back in time for classes etc. I also went out for "coffee" this week, and by-golly! It tasted far too much like coffee for a Chai latte! Ah well! I had a good night, and was happily able to sleep in a bit the next morning, before a long day of classes.

So! Taggedness shall play out now: (forgive me for taking so long, these are questions I need to think about, and I'm still not sure I'm terribly happy with the result!) Thanks Kelly for the tag!

1. One Book that changed your life:
Wow--that's a toughy...or not: the Bible

2. One book you’ve read more than once:
Here comes the Sun! Emilie Loring

3. One book you’d want on a desert island: (note: not the ONLY book)
Lord of the Rings

4. One book that made you laugh:
The Whitney Chronicles by Judy Baer

5. One book that made you cry:
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

6. One book that you wish had been written:
How to keep on top of things with your hands tied behind your back

7. One book that you wish had never been written:
The Berensteins B

8. One book you’re currently reading:
Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien

9. One book you’ve been meaning to read:
Only one!? Have you seen my "to-be-read" shelf? Hunt for Red October (and the rest of that series)

10. Now tag people.
Effie! DaddyD, and Jerrica. You're it! Don't worry about doing this or not! It's up to you!

A Thinger...

So! This little "thinger" was created by my sister Bec. Please follow the instructions below

This is a quiz about movies. Or rather movie stars. Beside the name of each actor and actress please type your favourite of their movies. (ie, even if that's not a fav. movie of yours, if you think it's a great one of theirs, put it down!)

Harrison Ford: Blade Runner, The Fugitive, Sabrina
Carrie Fisher: Star Wars
Mark Hamill: Star Wars
Gene Kelly: Singing in the Rain/Brigadoon
Johnny Depp: Pirates of the Carribean/Charlie and Chocolate Factory
Orlando Bloom: Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Carribean
Keira Knightly: Pirates of the Carribean/Pride and Prejudice
Robert Redford: Sneakers
Cary Elwes: The Princess Bride/Robin Hood Men in Tights
Anne Hathaway: Ella Enchanted/Hoodwinked
Tom Hanks: Sleepless in Seattle, You've got Mail/Big/The Man with one red shoe, Joe versus the volcano?
Meg Ryan: IQ/Sleepless in Seattle/You've Got Mail/Top Gun
Sandra Bullock: While You Were Sleeping/Speed/Two weeks notice
Keanu Reeves: A Walk in the Clouds/Matrix (I)/Chain Reaction
Elijah Wood: LOTR
Viggo Mortenson: LOTR/GI Jane (can't remember his role though)
Will Smith: Independence Day/Men in Black/Hitch
Nicole Kidman: Batman Forever/Bewitched
Tommy Lee Jones: Men in Black/Double Jeopardy/The Fugitive
Jim Carrey: Batman forever
Val Kilmer: The Saint/At First Sight/Prince of Egypt
Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible 1 and 3/Top Gun
Ewen MacGregor: Emma/Big Fish/Down with Love
Gwyneth Paltrow: Emma/Hook
Toni Collette: Emma
Hugh Grant: Sense & Sensibility/Notting hill/Four Weddings and a Funeral
Colin Firth: Pride and Prejudice
Renee Zellwegger: Down with Love
Kate Winslet: Finding Neverland/Hamlet
Emma Thomson: Sense and Sensibility/Harry Potter(s)/Junior
Alan Rickman: Harry Potter(s)/Galaxy Quest/Sense and Sensibility
Kevin Costner: Dances with Wolves/The bodyguard

(Effie added the following names)
Arnold Schwartzenegger: Junior/Kindergarten Cop
Elisabeth Shue: Adventures in Babysitting/The Saint
Kathleen Turner: Romancing the Stone
Michael Douglas: Romancing the Stone

Squirl added these:
John Turturro: don't know him
Matt Damon: The Bourne Identity/Good Will Hunting
Woody Allen: no fav
John Goodman: Monsters Inc

I added this one:
George Clooney Ocean's Eleven
Bill Murray The Man who knew too little
Took me long enough...I had to research some of it!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back at it!

So...if you haven't done so already...say hi here. (I really would like to see if I can reach record levels of responses...and I promise, that time allowing, I'll respond to each and every one of you!)

Today was my 4th day back at school. All of you are out there, still enjoying summer, thinking that I'm one poor sot (thanks Alex for that word!) stuck indoors. Well...with my free time, after class yesterday, I gave Atreyu his first bath. I washed behind his mirrors, and scrubbed away at some of the Manitoba encrusted know, fun stuff!

I'm scared...that's not a way to really enjoy summer! I mean, I did cool down because I was using a hose and I got wet, but there were no waterfights involved, and I was on my own... *shocked* I'm being adult-ish.

Sounds like I'm not the only one. People going off and getting married, settling down, being done school...sigh.

BUT! I'm really enjoying what I'm doing (once I squash the nerve-bugs that infest me daily with certain things that pop up in my life)...for instance- I drove around Ottawa yesterday, was on the road for more than 20 minutes without once consulting a map or directions! I'm so proud of me. (But again, that sounds adult-ish). Hmm...I guess it all had to happen sooner or later!

I'm settling in. My room is still a mess...I picked up the rest of my things from a classmate...Hi Chantal! and got to visit with her slightly more calm kitty Lily...she was very sweet with me!

I've made some arrangements to be out and about in other parts of the province this year. Here's hoping I get to arrange all that I want to do! (And have no issues while arranging finishing touches on the ones already set!)

Hugs! Please all...send out your prayers for a blogger friend of Effie and mine Susie.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Friend or Foe?

Name thyself!

(I'm sure there are lots of lurkers around, and although it looks like I'm just copying Kelly I've really been planning this since our family pig roast and the Edlya weekend, when lots of people were saying-- Oh, yeah, I check out what's going on with you on your blog-- well....please, let me know who you are. I'm curious if I'm really only read by the few people I THINK are reading this, or if there's a bunch of bloggers/others that I ought to say how-do to! Plus, this way, you get your name in big fancy bold letters in great colours with lights flashing around...or not. Um, I don't do programming like that...but if anyone is interested in a job....RESPOND! hehe)

Moving in...

Never as fun as it should be, is it?

I'm in the process of unpacking and making my room habitable...but somehow, and I'm not fully sure of the how, I keep finding things to occupy my time. Oh, wait! I know what that's called!

PROCRASTINATION! (School brain is slowly turning back on!)

So- this is what my room looks like: An open door, showing empty suitcases and garment bag waiting to be stowed away (beside a lovely towel rack); next: a desk, already full of clutter, that's just waiting to find a permanent home; beyond that: a half-unpacked box, really no reason to unpack it yet (CDs and DVDs)! The bookshelf just beyond it is going to be freed of its empty boxes and pieces of equipment and exchanged for the big one that's currently hiding in the basement.
To the left of this: a clothes tree- with one sweater waiting to be grabbed for a cool evening stroll, a bright window- with raspberry coloured curtains, and in front of this, low, at floor level, is the mass of unpacked stuff. Boxes full of textbooks, photos and recipe books, and the odds and ends box.

I've made an attempt at each and every box in here, but it just doesn't seem to work.

Oh yeah, the rest of the room-- beyond that clutter is the nice tall dresser, beside that is the nice double bed with a bedside table/lamp and then the lovely large closet--doors closed and things nicely organized within!

I could blame the lack of interest on the fact I just boxed and moved most of the stuff yesterday, drove 6 1/2 hours and got here around 8:30pm, and then moved it all in and up.

Mind you, I'm upstairs this year, I can have a puppy join me (rather, watch me) unpack and really, just enjoy myself. (NO CARPET!!) I like hardwood floors.

Now...I've been tagged with something, and I should do the THINGER that is going around....but that's stuff for me to do later. (Look at me, procrastinating while procrastinating!)

I'm off to a BBQ tonight. Get to see some of my classmates, relax a bit...ya know!

More to come soon. (I'm sure to be procrastinating again soon!!)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A fun weekend and other stuff

This weekend was great!

First- Pigroast--> although it was tonnes of fun, and the food wasn't out yet (good salad effie) Bec and I had to hit the road around 5. We first got to go on the wagon ride, and get attacked by plants growing along-side the road.

We got to chat and play with many relatives, but the afternoon was too short!

Second- ELDYA retreat. Well! Bec and I decided to follow our own route there. It was rather exciting, mostly visible on the map and full of slow you down to catch the view dirt roads.

At the retreat we enjoyed some great fellowship, fun activities, singing by the campfire, playing in wet grass, beach fun, good devotions, new friends, old friends, great toilet paper toss know! Lots and lots of fun! I took a lot of photos, so here's hoping I get some time to develop them soon, and I'll have some of them up here, some at the EDLYA website and possibly elsewhere!

Thirdly--argh! I'm sunburnt. But that's neither here nor there. I'm going crazy trying to sort through all the stuff I've accummulated over the years! (Trying to figure out what to pitch, what to pack, what to hide and what to try to use). I'm also looking at a semi-busy week this week. Meeting up with friends tonight for a bit, an early morning in Owen Sound tomorrow, lunch with friends on Thursday---and I'm hoping to be ready to leave on Friday. I'm not sure how I'll work everything in! (Not to mention reading LOTR and watching the extended editions before packing them up to bring with me!)

Sigh.. should go. Stuff to do, little time to do it in! (BUT!!!! Starting this weekend I'll have regular internet access...easy to upload and download things!! I'm rather excited about sharing stuff with everyone!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Drive through Manitoba = Replace windshield


You'll never guess what I'm up to the next few days, tomorrow afternoon especially?! might be able to guess, but I'll try not to give out the prizes until everyone has weighed in! (No prizes available to those I've already told...and please don't ruin it for everyone! ;) )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEC! (It's my sister Rebecca's birthday today! So far, tonnes of fun, a great peach cheese cake with fizzly stars on top!)

I'll try to post her new and fun survey thingy...blogland everywhere will thank me, I'm sure!

So, Friday fun, packing, family pig roast, swiping cousins to take to the EDLYA retreat (if possible), singing, dancing, swiming, fun all around--EDLYA retreat and then home and packing, watching some surgeries etc.... Lots to do in the time before I head back to Ottawa...probably going next Friday!

Here's one last hint for those of you still trying to guess- I'm going to Orangeville tomorrow. And I'm bringing a big, long book with me. (LOTR!)

One of our discussions at dinner on Tuesday was pertaining to Harry Potter. Any thoughts on what might go on in the last book? Any fun rumours?

Must go...may be back online tomorrow, but I doubt it. Probably the most likely time is Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Hi Everyone!

Don't you love last minute plans that get you up before 6am in the morning? Well, obviously, I do!!

Monday afternoon I was chatting with aunt Nancy, and it turned out that a bunch of the family was heading out to African Lion's Safari. So I was invited, and joined arrived at the cottage in the woods at 7am.

The trip was fun! We did everything at the Safari except the waterpark part, as by the time we had made it there a transformer had blown-up, up the road a bit, and there was no power to run it. We did enjoy ourselves though!!

I rode an elephant. I saw effie and ate food with her and the rest of the crew in Hamilton.

I need to start packing things up. It's sad. My summer is almost over!

More exciting things to come! Camping and a pig roast this weekend!