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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An interesting drive last night.

Interesting in a good way. No accidents, no swerving to miss critters.

Yes. It rained a bunch in Southern Ontario yesterday. Then it stopped and left a lovely fog behind. I almost wondered if my brother Peter was traveling with me, the fog was so thick. (heehee). It was a thick, pea soup fog, which made seeing the lights on 6 interesting. (Or rather, difficult. The ones by the Wendy's at the top of the hill- nearly was upon them without seeing them or the cars stopped and waiting). I also wasn't able to see the dinosaurs that usually show up quite well. (They are big, don'tcha know?) I was a little worried that the drive would take FOREVERly long. I stopped after a while to refresh myself, though the fog had progressively lessened it wasn't gone by halfway home.

Then, I arrived at a town which is often a crossroads for my journeys and found the fog had lifted and there were stars visible! I was quite excited to see the stars, but was almost instantly surprised by the lightning. I drove with lightning to the North all the way home from there. Never more than a minute between strikes.

Also, the signs of spring, they are everywhere. It was sounding quite like a spring night, as the peepers and chirppers were out in earnest. I had to put the window down at one point to savour the sound!!

But crazy frogs- they decided they would try to play a 2011 version of frogger. They jumped and they jumped across the road. I don't recall squishing any, but other cars had been enforcing the "Game Over" for a few of them, along the way.

I did make it home safely, though. It's sometimes fun to have added excitement to your drive, when it's not of the dangerous kind.

Happy trails to you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The plottings of a cat

I am guilty. Of putting words/thoughts into animals mouths/actions. I do it all the time. There are times when it just makes having the little critter funnier to be around. Sometimes it just makes sense. Of course that's what they were thinking/doing.

Case in point. (And my brother-in-law Adrian helped all the way from Australia).
Yesterday morning. Eating breakfast at the table. Cat is standing on the bench, paws on the window sill, head pushing aside the blinds.
Adrian said something to the effect of oh, she's plotting. Watching the birds out in the backyard. Planning on knocking you out as you leave the house, jumping over your body and setting out to catch a bird.
Got me thinking. I was just a bit later chatting with Bec. Now the cat was staring at the fireplace. As noted before, she's helped me find things in this house by staring, so I was worried that there was a bug or a bird in the chimney. Then I started, she's plotting once more. She's just waiting for me to open the doors to the fireplace where she plans to scootch past me, through the partially open mesh and climb up the chimney to freedom and birds.

As of right now, she's dreaming up new plots as she sleeps on the chair over there <--
Crazy critter. But I like her.

In other news- home this week! Looking forward to it, but maybe not all that I need to get done before I head out. Hope to greet you all with Easter greetings while at home. Hugs and love!

Feel free to share your animal plots with me!!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Lenten musings

As part of my Lenten devotions I have taken up reading The Book of Concord. You would think that I'd have read it all before, but this is my first time through. I have an editied by Kolb and Wengert version, and am currently working my way through the German translation, following the Left side page. I know I wont make it through the whole thing this Lenten season, but I'm making bigger strides than I thought I would!

Some thoughts that have come up relating to lent and the book of concord.

One teaching that I was shocked to read about, in the Augsburg Confession, that Lutherans were professing against, was that the Lord's supper was seen as what we do to atone for our current sins, or provide a sacrifice for sins to obtain grace by our works. That Christ died and his death only removes original sin and he instituted his supper (or the Mass) as a sacrifice for other sins. Article XXIV

How does it always come back to how our sinful selves can do something to make things right? Why can't we trust and believe that God forgives sins for the sake of Jesus, not because of any worthiness on our parts?

"8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast."Ephesians 2: 8-9

I am thankful that God has it all planned out and fixed for us, in spite of us!