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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrating from afar

One of those days. I wish I was home, with my family, trying to jostle my way between two family weddings on the same day. Instead of enjoying the fun and family and weddings, I'm sitting at home, waiting for the phone to ring. I suppose I've averted a few minor disasters today, but it didn't have to be me to catch them.

This finishing off somewhere, to get ready to move and say goodbye to all the friends I've made here,'s for the birds. I wish I could take all the good from here and bring it with me...and not have to say goodbye to all the fun people I've had the opportunity to work with. I have had to hold myself back from crying today...on more than one occassion. I feel the need for a big hug. Courtland, over there, isn't providing one for me today. In fact, she's cleaning her tail. Ignoring me, rather obviously.

At some point the moving bug will bite and I'll start boxing things up again. It may be in the rather near future...don't have many days of work left in front of me. (At least, not until I start the next chapter)
Must is calling

Ok, back again! The whole point of this blog was to be sending my best wishes to my cousins: Matthew, cousin on my dad's side, and Jason, cousin on my mom's side...both of whom are getting married today- making it tricky and fun for my family to attend both celebrations!! I pray that you both have wonderful days and married lives!! (Matthew and Ashley Kl... and Jason and Ashley Ku...- will make remembering my new cousins' names very easy, wont it?!)

I hope you have wonderful days and I hope those of the family able to join in at the festivities have a grand ol' time!