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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Why did the cat visit me with a wet paw?

Because she found a new water source inside the house, that's why.

No, I didn't leave the toilet seat up...guess again.

No, she has not figured out how to turn on the faucets.

No, the water wasn't seeping in through the fireplace (at least not yet).

Yes, it's raining, but she didn't find a way to sneak outside.

I figured it out when I heard the sound of running (not dripping) water without anyone else around coming from the bathroom. I quickly said goodbye to Allison and family and signed out of videochatting....
Rushed over towards the source of the sound to find water streaming down the blinds. Took them off. There were four or five streams of water pouring down from the inside of the fitted window, filling my bucket much fuller in 1 minute than that whole ceiling leak did the whole time.

Sigh. I spent too many minutes bucket to window, finding towels to sop things up...calling the landlord.

It has settled down, but as the rain hasn't, I'm not expecting tonight to be fun. Except for the fact that mom and dad are expected any time, unless this crazy storm slows them down.
I will update you soon...maybe with a photo...

Update: please see my oh so lovely videography. Commentary, um, I need to get better at making my movies I think! The dripping did stop from the window, mom and dad did arrive and I even managed to spend a bit of time with them while they were here. The roof is being worked on, little by little, and hopefully I won't have more leaks to contend with while I live here.

In case the video wont work for you I have a still shot too:

Mom and Dad drove home this week and made it safely!! So glad they were able to come for their visit, even if it was too short.

Will post soon some of the fun of the visit, which included a day with Peter too!